Will You Be Brave Enough For LEGOLAND Brick Or Treat

We all remember how fearless we were as kids, climbing trees, blasting our LEGO® spaceships across the room or riding our bikes down the stairs (yes I did that) but as we get older our fears grow. Which is why LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort is hosting a Bravery Bootcamp this Halloween. Kids and adults alike can test their braveness with a series of spooky challenges. If you manage to survive then reward yourself with even more spooky fun at the park with further Brick or Treat things to do. Ride the Haunted Hill train, do the monster mash at the Monster Disco and help build a ghoulish pumpkin patch.


  • Aged 8 ¼ has been revealed as the bravest age of all reveals new research of 3,000 adults and kids
  • Kids are braver than adults – 86% of kids claiming they’re brave compared to just 25% of scaredy-cat adults
  • The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort launches ‘Bravery Bootcamp’ for adults hosted by kids, to help parents reclaim their fearlessness this Halloween
  • Child psychologist Dr. Sam Wass explains why we lose our bravery as we grow up – and the benefits of staying fearless

Humans are most fearless aged 8 ¼ according to brand new research revealed today by the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort. The study of 3,000 adults and children found 8 ¼ is the magic age that we’re least scared and display the most bravery when dealing with spooky situations such as being faced with creepy crawlies and snakes.

The research also found that a third of adults admitted they wished they were more daring, and it would seem kids agree – with two thirds (65%) of kids saying they’d have more fun if their parents were braver. What’s more, a huge 63% said their parents avoided taking part in “fun activities” with them because they were too scared.

To help parents find and reclaim their fearlessness again ahead of the Halloween season, LEGOLAND has announced it will be hosting ‘Bravery Bootcamps’ to kick off its annual “Brick or Treat” Halloween extravaganza, which opens today and runs until 2nd November.

LEGOLAND Windsor’s research also found that 21% of panicky parents believe that their kids are more daring than them, with just a quarter (25%) saying they were fearless compared to a whopping 86% of kids. A further third (35%) of adults admitted they had become less daring as an adult, with more things scaring them now, than when they were little.

Age 8 ¼ has been found as the age we are least scared of heights, clowns, rats, ghosts and rollercoasters, with 27 ½ proving to be the age when we are most scared of things in our lifetime!

When asked why their parents weren’t brave, children responded with adorable reasons such as: “Because I fight monsters”; “Because my mum is scared of cats and I’m not”; “Because I am like Spiderman!”

Hosted by fearless kids, the ‘Bravery Bootcamp’ will see parents facing their fears with a series of increasingly scary challenges, featuring real snakes and furry tarantulas. A team of fearless kids with be on hand with LEGOLAND’s Lord Vampyre and friendly monster Frankie to help adults boost their bravery ahead of the Halloween period. For the chance to take part in LEGOLAND’s Bravery Bootcamp scaredy-cat parents can apply here.

When faced with a giant tarantula, nearly half (42%) of kids said they’d have a go and pick it up compared to just 36% of adults. And it would seem clowns continue to give adults the fear-factor with 15% admitting a crowd of clowns would terrify them.

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort has teamed up with Child Psychologist, Dr Sam Wass to analyse the findings, he comments:

“The more that goes wrong in life, the more we develop a sense of fear. This is a very natural instinct. Children, who may never have experienced things going wrong, often don’t have any of these worries. This fearlessness can be a real strength. It means that we don’t hesitate to set out to achieve what we really want. A good dose of fearlessness can really help us in adult life both professionally and personally, as it allows us to push the boundaries and break out of our comfort zones.

“Research from LEGOLAND has pinpointed that the most fearless age is 8 ¼ . This is an age at which physical strength is already quite highly developed, but our awareness of consequences still has a way to go. As children grow beyond this age they’ll become increasingly aware that they can’t do everything that they want to and that sometimes things carry risks. However, encouraging children to put themselves in situations where they do feel a bit scared, but in a safe and controlled environment, can be a vital part of growing up. Learning to overcoming fear is a huge step in help a child to gain independence, and self-confidence.”

Lauren Walton from the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort comments: “At LEGOLAND Windsor we know kids’ bravery knows no bounds, and those that we surveyed said they’d have more fun if their parents were more daring, so what better way to help parents beat their fears than a ‘Bravery Bootcamp’ hosted by kids at the Resort just in time for Brick or Treat. We can’t wait to see parents’ reactions to some of the creepy crawlies we’ve enlisted!

LEGOLAND’s “Brick or Treat” runs from 18th October – 2nd November and offers spooky fun for the whole family. With over 55 rides, live shows and attractions it’s the perfect place for kids to exercise their bravery and for adults to find theirs. Along with Lord Vampyre, and friendly monster Frankie, guests can enjoy the new Brick or Treat trail, take a ride on the Spooky Hill Train, do the monster dance at the Monster Disco and much, much more.

To find out more about LEGOLAND’s “Brick or Treat”, and to book tickets, visit: www.legoland.co.uk/explore-the-resort/special-events/brick-or-treat/


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