What Could Replace Star Wars At LEGOLAND

Yesterday I brought news of Star Wars content being stripped from LEGOLAND® parks. Little did I know it would be such a popular post. A number of LEGOLAND parks have LEGO® Star Wars areas, most of them are outside, with Windsor having an entire indoor area dedicated to Star Wars. But what could replace this popular area of LEGOLAND parks? Let’s put on our ponder caps and surmise at what could fill that big Star Wars shaped void.

LEGO have a number of licensed properties on the books, many of which are owned by Disney, so we can instantly discount Marvel, Pixar and anything else connected to Disney, such as Fox IPs. Which still leaves a fair few other things to consider.

Warner Bros are a key partner for LEGO. They have worked together on The LEGO Movie and it’s spin-offs as well as various TV shows. So the ideal candidate would be the world and characters of The LEGO Movie. However most parks are already adding LEGO Movie Lands to other areas of the park. With many also hosting ‘sets’ from The LEGO Movie 2 this year. So that leaves DC Comics and Harry Potter. Both would make for great Minilands in the same style as the current Star Wars ones. DC Comics would probably edge it over Harry Potter, purely because the theme has become somewhat of an evergreen theme, where as the Wizarding World has only recently returned to the world of LEGO.

LEGOLAND Replacements

As much has I like Miniland scale, I much prefer Minifigure scale stuff. So could a generic world like the ones on display at The LEGO House be a better fit? Just imagine a The LEGO House Around the World display, with each park having parts of it dedicated to the local area.

Staying on the same track a vast bustling LEGO City would be equally amazing, working train lines, police chases, deep sea dives, missions to space etc. This could evolve with the product line, as new sets are released, the city could change to incorporate them.

LEGOLAND Replacement

Most parks also have NINJAGO rides but could a NINJAGO Miniland be a great companion to the ride? There are plenty of seasons of the show to take inspiration from and the theme show no signs of slowing, with new sets being released a couple of times a year.

Finally as a big fan of the original story-based themed from LEGO, how about a world which celebrates these wonderful themes. This could incorporate classics like Space, Pirates and Castle as well as more recent themes like Monster Fighters, Galaxy Squad, Ultra Agents and Hidden Side. Plus a sprinkling of Adventurers, Time Cruisers, Pharaoh’s Quest and plenty more.

LEGOLAND Replacements

Windsor is in a slightly different position to other parks, as its LEGO Star Wars Miniland is housed indoors. So they have a few more options compared to the those parks who host LEGO Star Wars Miniland outside. The building could house a dedicated build area or a ever changing LEGO art gallery. But I’m sure everyone can agree Star Wars Miniland should just become Fabuland Land.

Author: Adam White

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  1. Hidden side maybe? Have some form of interactiveness to it? Big space to fill though

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  2. Aren’t they expanding the Big Shop at Windsor. Maybe it was due to go anyway?

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