Raise Funds For Fairy Bricks With A Sponsored Whateva

With large gatherings of people still off the cards, Fairy Bricks still can’t raise funds by attending various events across the UK and beyond. So they have launched a new way to raise some money and you guys can get involved. The Fairy Bricks Sponsored Whateva is exactly what the name suggests, you can kick off your very own sponsored event to help raise funds for Fairy Bricks. It can be anything which will raise money and that’s not all the first 50 people to create a fundraiser and raise £50 will get a special edition Fairy Bricks torso and brick created by Fab-bricks. Learn more about the Sponsored Whateva below. If you start a fundraiser, let me know and I’ll share details on the BricksFanz social media channels.

Fairy Bricks Sponsored Rewards

Welcome to our Sponsored Whateva!

There is no doubt that we are all living through unprecedented times. It feels like it is constantly changing world and that feeling is no different at Fairy HQ. We are striving to deliver as many sets as we can, to help as many children as we can. However, one thing we can’t be doing right now is taking part in events with our mosaics and tombola. Both of these activities provide a large amount of our income.

So we need your help. We have called this the Sponsored Whateva because that is what we want you to do. Create a sponsorship for any activity you like. Literally anything that you think your friends and family would sponsor you for. It could be something traditional like a run, something more ridiculous like our friend Iain who has been wowing Facebook with a gallery of stool samples and trolley pasts.

Setting up your sponsorship page is easy, just click this link

We love silly and we don’t just want you to create a page and get your friends to sponsor you. We want you to tell us about it so we can tell everyone else how amazing you are. Thanks to our friends at fab-bricks.com the first 50 people to create a page and generate £50 of sponsorship will be sent a Special Edition printed Minifigure body and brick. If all 50 bodies and bricks are claimed, then we will continue to send out a printed brick to everyone until the end of July. To claim your special piece of Fairy History just click this link.

The first three bodies and bricks have been allocated already. Dave a LEGO employee has completed his first half marathon and Jacob and Joe, two very young Fairy Bricks fans have both cycled 26km. Between the three of them, they have already raised an incredible £2181. If helping us wasn’t enough, we are shocked to announce that the Chief Fairy will shave his beard if the fundraising total reaches £32,400. He has chosen that number because it is the same as the total number of sets given away in our recent NHS Campaign.

We need your support right now. Creating pages, sponsoring your friends, telling them about your work. We can’t donate the LEGO sets and help the children without you, our biggest fans. Thank you so much for everything you have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

Author: Adam White

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