New LEGO Elves 2018 Set Images

As we speed towards the new year, more new 2018 set image have arrived thanks to The Brick Fan, this time around it’s the turn of the much overlooked LEGO Elves theme. The story driven theme follows the story of the Elves of Elvendale as they battle to save the natural oasis from the evil Goblin King. But in 2018 the Elves face a new foe who appears to command an army of small dragon cats. As you can see from the sets below, there are some pretty cool brick built animals as well as a number of new elements to enjoy. How awesome does the Water Turtle look? These new LEGO Elves sets will arrive in early 2018 and you can catch up on the adventures of the LEGO Elves on Netflix in the brand new animated series Secrets of Elvendale.

Author: Adam White

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  1. Do you know approximately how much the new Lego Elves 2018 sets are at Mastermind?

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    • Unfortunately not, they aren’t a retailer we are familiar with, we suggest you try their website or the store directly

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      • Okay, thanks. Happy holidays.

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  2. Do you know if there will be any other sets besides these later on, or are these all of the sets? Also do you know how much these will be, especially on the LEGO website? Thanks

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    • There hasn’t been any suggestions that the Theme is set to end but nor have any additional sets been rumoured. Price wise they should range from from smallest set to largest £14.99, £19.99, £29.99, £39.99 and £59.99 (UK pricing may change due to the weak £)

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  3. This issue bit strange. The actual sets are beautiful and the animals are super cool but we have already seen these species normal size. And seriously, a giant squirrel?

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