LEGO NINJAGO Masters Of Spinjitzu Season 8 Details

As San Diego Comic Con comes to a close, the team behind the LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu TV series have held one of the final panels of the event. After the time-bending events of Hands of Time, NINJAGO fans gave been eagerly awaiting details of the eighth season of the popular Cartoon Network show. Thankfully these were unveiled during the panel, which featured both members of the team behind the show and those who work on the LEGO Design Team behind the sets, including Writers Kevin and Dan Hageman, showrunner Tommy Andreasen and senior creative director Simon Lucas. In season 8 of LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu, the show will be a little more mature to reflect those fans who have grown up with it over past seven seasons. Something also reflected directly in the show, as Lloyd will be voiced by a new voice artist in season 8, with the character being a little older than in past seasons. It would seem after Hands of Time focused heavily on Kai and Nya’s story, Season 8 will have a closer connection to Lloyd. There will be an all-new gang of enemies for the ninja to face-off against. The season will air early next year and will be supported by a new range of LEGO playsets. No other details about the season were revealed apart from the an episode title – Sons of Garmadon. Social media is rift with speculation that the TV ninja will receive a slightly tweaked look to have a similar appearance to their The LEGO NINJAGO Movie counterparts. This is causing some rather angry backlash, however the TV show and movie versions of the ninja exist in different worlds and will remain as two separate LEGO product lines. It would merely seem that the Masters of Spinjitzu sets will now use the new 2-piece ninja hood elements which have been introduced in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie sets, with the actual characters remaining faithful to the TV series universe. We suggest you check out our American chums over at The Brick Fan for additional details regarding the LEGO NINJAGO Comic-Con panel.

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  1. can you please read my fan fictions on qoutev @kay donagon the orange ninja and @rhyrhy04 or @lego ninjago: the wind curse
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  2. I hate the sound of it! I watched Ninjago since it was aired in my country for the first time, an though you are going to think this is insane, I have come to love the characters as they are! Lego don’t do this, please. What good is pleasing just the Movie fans, while breaking the hearts of people like myself who adore the series. Unless Lego changes this I will not watch anymore of the series, except for the episodes that I have already! Thank you!

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