LEGO The Incredibles Gameplay Details

Today in London, a select few people got to see TT Games latest LEGO® adventure in action, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment showed off LEGO The Incredibles. We sent along our roving reporter to take a look at the game and chat with TT Fusion. We’ll be bringing you a more in-depth report of the event very soon but for now here’s a few details regarding gameplay. During the gameplay section of the hands-on, we checked out Mr Incredible, Elastagirl, Dash and Violet various abilities. Initial gameplay is more familiar to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With minibuilds making a return and offering players a choice of what to construct from piles of bricks. There are also be new Family Builds, in which various members of the Parr family can use their various powers to create huge builds. You’ll need to find Incredible Bricks before you can tackle these and characters will work together, not only to build them but also to use them.

Characters have similar abilities to a number of past characters from various other LEGO titles. For example Mr Incredible is super strong and can lift huge objects and throw things around with ease. Violet can activate her force field bubble to pass through laser grids, Elastagirl can transform in to a number of different objects, such has a raft or balloon as well as stretch her body to extend across great distances. Dash is all about speed, and can use special speed traps to zoom into new places, a little like Sonic could in LEGO Dimensions.

There will be six levels per movie which will be complimented by a busy hubworld. This will have ‘Crime Waves’ in which parts of the city will be taken over by a bad guy and their goons. Solve crimes, take out baddies and defeat bosses to rid the area of crime. Bosses will include characters from the movies and original creations from TT Fusion. The ‘Crime Waves’ will also be tied together with a storyline, separate from the main game. There will also be a number of Pixar easter eggs dotted across the games levels and hubworld. As mentioned above, we’ll have further detail over the next few days, including answers to some of your questions from Twitter.

Author: Adam White

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