LEGO DC Super Heroes Minifigures Find ’em Guide

The new LEGO® DC Super Heroes Minifigures were released on January 1st but they have been slow to appear in stores here in the UK. They are popping up in Smyths and Tesco stores and will hopefully be a little more widespread by next week. For those who like to buy a full box, you should get at least three full series. But for those who like to feel up the packets, especially now they cost more after they price rise, here’s our handy Find ’em Guide. Each Minifigure has a unique element or two to feel out for. Every single character in this series features standard legs, a torso and head. It’s their various accessories and head gear, which sets them apart, although there are a few similar pieces, which make things a little tricky. Find out how many you should expect to find in a full box here. Access the mobile friendly visual guide, just press and hold the image at the end of the article, to save it to your device.


Feel For: Fish Element

Aquaman Feel


Feel For: Batarang & Rope element

Batman Feel


Feel For: 2×3 tile

Bat-mite Feel


Feel For: Wings element

Bumblebee Feel


Feel For: Head element & chain element

Cyborg Feel

The Flash

Feel For: Unique helmet element

Flash Feel

Green Lantern

Feel For: Lantern element & no hair piece

Green Lantern Feel


Feel For: Fist element

Meta Feel

Mister Miracle

Feel For: Handcuff Element

Mr Miracle Feel


Feel For: Lantern element & hair piece

Sinestro Feel

Wonder Woman

Feel For: Skirt element

Wonder Woman Feel


Feel For: 2×2 tile

Superman Feel

The Joker

Feel For: Candy floss element

Joker Feel


Feel For: Crossbow element

Huntrees Feel

The Cheetah

Feel For: Money sack element

Cheetah Feel


Feel For: Cosmic Staff topper

Stargirl Feel


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