Help Name The New LEGO House Eatery

Yesterday it was revealed that LEGO® House would be closing the LE GOURMET fine-dining restaurant in order to open up a new eating area better suited to the increasing visitor numbers. Some of the eating areas were previously named with the help of the LEGO community, so LEGO House want your suggestions for the new place to eat. The concept of the new eating area is shareable food. 

The restaurant will be placed in LE GOURMET’s old location and the concept is social dining. The food will be characterized as share food where you have a social dining experience and share the food with your friends and family at the table.

The menu is not quite in place, but LEGO House will create a playful, gastronomic break for especially families. Guests can compose and design their own serving based on what is served at the table.

The values are that guests should be able to relax and get creative fuel before going back to play in the experience zones.

So if you have a fun suggestion for the new place to eat in the LEGO House, let me know and I will forward it onto the team at LEGO House. Suggestions are needed by January 28th. Get some inspiration with this video tour of what LEGO House has to offer.

Author: Adam White

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  1. Hi Adam
    A suggestion for the new LEGO House eating area:

    EAT UP

    Words play with meet up as in meet up area. And it suggest that You eat all You order. No wasting of food.


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  2. Ok, it’s the first of many but how about….


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