Earn All-new Achievements In LEGO Worlds

With LEGO Worlds getting a major new content update and its second premium DLC Pack, the game has also added new in-game achievements and trophies. These additional milestones can be achieved once you download the latest game update, which is available now. Check out the new LEGO Worlds achievements/trophies below. LEGO Worlds is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Classic Space Pack

  • …One Giant Leap for LEGO-kind!
    Driving the Space Buggy, launch it into the air for 3 seconds
  • No Space For Spiders
    Defeat 8 Large Space Spiders within 40 seconds. Watch out for pincer attacks!
  • Space Jam
    Play some lunar tunes on the moon with another player whilst using a different musical instrument
  • No Space Like Home
    Take Intergalactic Girl to the Classic Space Biome (Moonwalking optional!)
  • What Does This Button Do?
    Shoot 10 rockets from the mobile Rocket Launcher

Monsters Pack

  • It’s Alive!
    Create a single custom character, using a part from each of the new monster characters
  • The Mayor of Monsterville
    Stake a claim to Monster Town by playing as the classic Vampire character in the Monsters pack
  • Monster Mash
    Play a guitar solo in the Monster Biome stage area in front of the crowd
  • Colour me Spooked
    Use the paintball gun to splatter paint on all the new monster characters
  • Sucker For Love
    Collect Vampire & Lord Vampyre’s Bride, then place them together in the Monsters castle

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  1. you can’t just do space and monsters i have’t unlocked that yet and probaly some people have’t unlocked that ether

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