Top 10 Best LEGO Helicopters Sets

The humble helicopter has made a vast appearance across numerous LEGO® themes over the years. In fact they have almost been around for as long as the LEGO brick has. Since the 70s there has been well over 300 sets to feature a helicopter, some have used the term fairly loosely, but the aircraft has cropped up in some rather surprising themes, making it one of the most versatile vehicles and the perfect subject for a BricksFanz Top Ten list! So let’s get to the choppers….

  • Number 10 – 42052: Heavy Lift Helicopter

The LEGO Technic line is known for its technical functions and this copter is full of them. Using Power Functions, the dual blades of the helicopter spin and a winch can be lowered from the bottom of the craft. Of all the helicopters in our top then this Technic one is the biggest and most realistic. It’s also one of the best looking Technic built helicopters.

  • Number 9 – 76052: Batman Classic TV Series Batcave – Batcopter

Batman has a mass of different vehicles at his disposal, including a many different helicopters. The first of which appeared in the camptastic 60s TV series based on the Batman comics. The Batcopter is part of a bigger DC Comics sets based on the show, which focuses on the secret underground batcave. The classic Batcopter is unlike any of the other versions of Batman’s copters, with its retro bubble canopy, bat-wing fins and classic bat-branding.

  • Number 8 – 60179: Ambulance Helicopter

A fairly recent release, the Air Ambulance is a modern addition to the LEGO City line. Just like the real world version, the set follows the same sort of colour scheme, which harks back to another helicopter, which may also be appearing on this list. Oddly the Air Ambulance has ski-tracks in place of wheels, which make sense as the patient is a snowboarder. It’s also the only set on out list to use the special molded ‘plane front’ element for the nose of the chopper.

  • Number 7 – 5886: T-Rex Hunter

It seems 2012 was a stand out year for LEGO helicopters, one such release of the epic dino hunting heavy-lift helicopter used by the Dino Hunters. The actual helicopter looks a little odd with its compact cockpit area and open body section, which is needed to hold a fearsome T. rex figure. Which can be captured by huge winch harness.

  • Number 6 – 7067: Jet-Copter Encounter

You wouldn’t expect to find a helicopter in a space-based theme, but with Earth under attack, the Alien Defense Unit need everything in their power to stop the alien invaders. This jet-copter is one cool looking helicopter, futuristic but still very much a helicopter. It reminds me of a more colourful version of Airwolf.

  • Number 5 – 9443: Rattlecopter

As much as you wouldn’t expect a helicopter to appear in a space theme, it’s even more unlikely to expect one in the NINJAGO theme. But you would expect the NINJAGO theme to create such a unique looking set as this snake-theme Rattlecopter. It uses parts to great effect, including sword blades to rotor blades and spinjitzu disc surrounds on the tail fin. It’s a perfect example of why the NINJAGO theme is one of the most unique LEGO play themes.

  • Number 4 – 60125: Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter

As you’d expect from the LEGO City theme, helicopters feature quite heavily, but none have been as impressive as this twin-bladed volcano research crafts. It not only looks great, it’s an extremely detailed build for a LEGO City set. The middle section of the helicopter can be removed to create a mobile research station.

  • Number 3 – 6866: Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown

Another 2012 release saw a set that not only features two of Marvel’s best loved ‘heroes’ but is one of few sets to be based on the world of the X-Men. The helicopter is nothing too fancy looking, but it’s a nice rugged chopper. Which is unique for a super hero set. Normally they are oddly coloured or have various character branding splashed all over them. Plain can be just as good.

  • Number 2 – 6482: Light & Sound Rescue Helicopter

A truly classic set, of which of have fond memories of. The Light & Sound Rescue Helicopter features a unique selection of bricks and elements which could be connected to create flashing light and even sound. I still own this funky little set and the powered pieces still work, I just need to find all the right pieces. I won’t mention the trouserless patient of the trolley.

  • Number 1 – 70170: UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter

I’m a massive fan of the LEGO ‘in/out’ themes and the one I adore most is the Ultra Agents line. The theme was filled with impressive vehicles, great minifigures and a decent storyline. One of the best sets to be released in the Ultra Agents theme is the amazing helicopter. It has a cool colour scheme, a great little working winch and features on of the best LEGO Minifigures of all time, in the form of AntiMatter.

And that concludes my round-up of my 1o favourite LEGO helicopters. They are certainly a varied range of builds and there are plenty more to discover, just take a look at the Brickset database, which is where some of the images above are from. Do you have a favourite copter? What would you like to see us Top Ten next? Let us know below.


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