The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigures Find ’em Guide

With the latest series of LEGO® Minifigures now appearing in stores across Europe and stores in the UK expected to start selling them this weekend, it’s as good a time as any to break out the LEGO Minifigure Find ’em Guide. The LEGO Movie 2 Minifigure series, features 20 collectible characters, but they are packaged a little differently this time around. They now come in new bags, similar to the recent Unikitty collectibles. Which means they are now doubled bagged, with elements inside the outer packet, sealed within another bag. Although you can still feel through this new style bag, it may feel a little different than previous sets. Each character has a particular element which can easily be located when feeling the bags up. Below is a guide to watch to feel for, as well as a visual guide, should you need to see what you’re feeling for. A full box of 60 minifigures includes 3 full series of characters, no chase figures this time around. As always please be mindful of those around you when searching for minifigures, if necessary as the staff in the store before doing so, most will be more than happy to help and relieved you aren’t a shoplifter. You can also download this handy mobile friendly Find ’em Guide for when you are out and about.

Update: After purchasing two full and sealed boxes, I only got five full sets. So not every box contains 3 full sets and the distribution in boxes and can also differ.

Awesome Remix Emmet

Feel For: 2 x 1 tile or cup element | Amount Per Box: 3

Battle-Ready Lucy

Feel For: Hood or Quiver | Amount Per Box: 3

Apocalypse Benny

Feel For: Tool Box | Amount Per Box: 3

Giraffe Guy

Feel For: Giraffe head | Amount Per Box: 3

Crayon Girl

Feel For: Crayon bodysuit | Amount Per Box: 3

Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield

Feel For: Cat element | Amount Per Box: 3

Hula Lula

Feel For: 2 x 2 rounded tile | Amount Per Box: 3

Watermelon Dude

Feel For: Watermelon slice bodysuit | Amount Per Box: 3

Flashback Lucy

Feel For: 2 x 3 flat tile | Amount Per Box: 3

The Swamp Creature

Feel For: Whip element | Amount Per Box: 3

Candy Rapper

Feel For: Skirt element | Amount Per Box: 3

Gone Golfin’ President Business

Feel For: Golf club element | Amount Per Box: 3

Apocalypseburg Abe

Feel For: Top hat element | Amount Per Box: 3

Vest Friend Rex

Feel For: Baby Raptor element | Amount Per Box: 3

Kitty Pop

Feel For: Guitar element | Amount Per Box: 3


Feel For: Any brick elements | Amount Per Box: 3

Dorothy Gale & Toto

Feel For: Dog element | Amount Per Box: 3

Cowardly Lion

Feel For: Mane headpiece | Amount Per Box: 3


Feel For: Hat element | Amount Per Box: 3

Tin Man

Feel For: Axe or funnel hat element | Amount Per Box: 3

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  1. Hi, do you know how they are packed in the box? Are they in 3’s so basically you wouldn’t get a full set per column if that makes sense?

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    • That what most people are saying but I bought two sealed boxes and only got 5 full sets. And they weren’t a strip equals a set. So it’s hard to say

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  2. Is there any other way to find out?

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    • Nope this is the only apart from opening the pack

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  3. You mentioned getting 2 sealed boxes. Are those available to the public and if so where can we find them?

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    • There were but as they are now two additional series on since The LEGO Movie 2 series, it’s unlikely anywhere will still have full box stock

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      • Thanks. I’m interested in those as well? Where can one find them. Or at least what search term should I use?

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        • LEGO Minifigures Sealed Boxes or LEGO Minifigures Full Sealed Boxes. You can get full boxes of Disney 2 and Series 19 directly from just search Minifigures

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