The Great LEGO Modular Dilemma

As both a LEGO® fan and a proud LEGO Ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to build a large number of sets. I’ve built everything from the UCS Falcon to a BrickHeadz or two. But despite my vast experience with various different themes and sets, there is one massive area of LEGO fandom, I’ve never ventured near – Modulars. For those who don’t know, LEGO Creator Expert Modular sets are annually released sets, which take the form of a building. They can also be connected together using a series of evenly spaced Technic pins and holes. There are two big reasons for my distanting from Modular sets, lack of space to display them and the rampant completist in me, who wouldn’t be happy with trying one set, I’d want them all.

But with each passing year, more so now I’m an ambassador, I see the images and read all the details of new modular sets and I look at them with equal measures of awe and longing. Just from the images, you can tell they are the pinnacle of LEGO design, with amazing use of parts, fun story threads and colourful bunch of minifigures to help tie them all together. As each new set is released my resistance is chipped away.

Although I’ve never built a LEGO Creator Expert Modular set, I’ve come close, with NINJAGO City. It may not be a traditional modular set, but I believe it has similar stylings. Even now I think it the best set I’ve ever built. Amazing to look at, so much fun to construct and so many fun features. It can even be connected to the recently release LEGO NINJAGO City Docks set.

Which brings me to my modular dilemma, should I give into temptation and finally pop my modular cherry? Where do I start? With one of the currently available sets or wait to see what is to come this January?

Author: Adam White

Howdy I'm Adam, The editor of - your go to source for the latest LEGO news, reviews and much, much more. Some of you may know me from other LEGO sites so you'll know I have a good experience of the LEGO community and a deep, passionate commitment to all things LEGO. I specialize in seeking out the latest LEGO news and products, as well as being an expert on all things LEGO gaming. So welcome to BricksFanz - Fuelling Your LEGO Lifestyle.

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  1. Get the detectives office and the brick bank before they retire

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  2. I’d say get the Brick Bank before it’s no longer available.

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  3. Get them all, like have. It’s the best bricks for ponds your ever get as their are no copy right over charging. Unlike Star Wars , Harry Potter, Lego movie and many more

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  4. I currently have all modular buildings plus the fishing hut. I’ve yet to the Ninjago building. I did however find the Monsters House on eBay and managed to buy it at a fair price.
    My husband buitl a perspex casing with sliding doors to cover up 6 modular and a lego transformed shop that has a dragon on it. We dont have the room to put all modules in one case. So we change it every so often.
    We managed to light it up too. This process is secret as we feel it’s our invention.
    It looks spectacular when lit up. There’s also a track in front so we could put a train in front of it and light infer-red controlled.
    Love our buildings. All mini figures are kept to it building. But we have added a few character figures like Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow and R2D2, and many other famous charators that stand in front of the Palace Cinama.
    Here’s to building my next collection. All the funfair rides. Love lego girl Chriss Toogood

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