Special LEGO Star Wars VIP Card Revealed

For those planning on picking up the UCS Millennium Falcon later this month, you’ll also bag yourself an exclusive LEGO Star Wars themed VIP card. It’s the perfect time sign-up to become a VIP member as you’ll also receive an exclusive VIP keychain and if you sign up now you’ll also be able to take advantage of Triple VIP points on Star Wars sets and exclusive Millennium Falcon posters with all purchases. Plus you’ll get early access to the UCS Millennium Falcon From September 14th! Sign up to become a LEGO VIP member now right here.

Update: it seems getting hold of the special VIP cards may differ in various regions. Some are suggesting the card will be given to those purchasing the Falcon, while others suggest the card is given to those new members signing up. We are awaiting some clarity on the matter and will update accordingly.

Update 2: LEGO has confirmed that the LEGO Star Wars VIP Card will be available to those purchasing the UCS Millennium Falcon from September 14th.

Update 3: The first 100 people to purchase the UCS Millennium Falcon at the LEGO Store London Midnight launch at 23:59 on September 13th will receive the Star Wars VIP Card.

Author: Adam White

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  1. I heard you have to buy the UCS Falcon set to get the card. Is that true or is just signing up for the VIP program okay (in the United States)?

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    • Not sure about US but the wording on UK site (which seems to have disappeared now) suggests it’s available to new members signing up. We’ll try and get a clearer answer from LEGO

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  2. There they go again releasing cool stuff for New VIP members only. What about the long time VIPs , can’t we get the really cool VIP card somehow ?

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    • Just sign someone else up for one 😉 you won’t be able to use it for your account but would still own the card

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  3. I was in my local LEGO store today and you will only get this card if you are a VIP and buy the new UCS Falcon.

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  4. I’m a VIP member, how do I get early access to the UCS Millennium Falcon? I still see october 1st as release date on the set.

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    • Check shop.LEGO.com from midnight on September 14th (make sure you are signed in) and it will be available to order

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      • I’ve been trying to do that, but its not working. Maybe LEGO servers are down?

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        • Yep they were down. I had one in the basket, proceed to payment with paypal, but the lego server never respond back. I called the customer support, but my order never complete and by the time I talked to someone, everything was gone. Now, there is dozens of copies selling 2k$+++ on ebay. Very frustrating for real lego fans that have been waiting several years for this set. Thumbs down to lego, you should have been geared to take the load, the massive new VIP members should have warned you. Maybe next time, you shoud reserve early access to real lego fans that are long time VIP members and spend thousands of dollars on your product every years. Very disappointed right now, maybe I should find another hobby to spend my money. Disappointing their real fans is not the best way to go back in the 2 digits growth, it may work for some times, but it is not sustainable.

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  5. I signed up for vip in norway. Im ready to order my falcon on sept 14th hope this does not apply for US only…

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  6. I’m seeing that online under the UK region that you can buy the set early access starting 730am on 9/14. However, the US region does NOT show this. Maybe because it’s already 9/14 in the UK at the time I write this (11:10pm CST)?

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    • Thanks for the reply! I have already ordered mine 🙂

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