Power Up The LEGO Creator Roller Coaster

When the awesome looking new LEGO® Creator Expert Roller Coaster arrives next month, it will introduce the fourth fairground-themed set to the Creator Expert range. Just like those past sets, the Roller Coaster can also be enhanced by adding Power Functions. To get those coaster cars zooming around on their own, two simple Power Function elements can added to provide automation. The set will feature instructions on how to add these to the coaster. The Roller Coaster will one of the first few sets released that can also be enhanced with LEGO Boost. The LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox is a versatile system that combines traditional LEGO bricks with an advanced programmable system, which includes a LEGO Move Hub, Interactive Motor and a Colour & Distance Sensor. These pieces can also be added to the Roller Coaster to provide an even more immersive experience, with added movement sensor and realistic sound effects.

The Power Functions elements are alway tricky to come by once a big set like the Roller Coaster is released, so if you plan to add them to the coaster, order them now. The LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster launches on June 1st with early VIP access from May 16th. Add it to your LEGO Wish List now.

8883: M-motor – Shop Now

88000: AAA Battery Box – Shop Now


17101: LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox – Shop Now

Author: Adam White

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  1. Thanks for your invite to comment. I am a confused mother who needs advise on a purchase. My boy made the rollercoaster creator at Christmas and is desperate to upgrade it so the ride works mechanically rather than manually. Is it the Lego boost set I buy to do this or am I getting very confused
    If it is the Lego boost is there more than one or a particular version I should get?
    Hoping you can help.

    Many thanks


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    • To motorize the Roller Coaster you’ll need LEGO® Power Functions 8883 medium motor and 88000 AAA battery box. You can also add BOOST elements and then use the app to add more features. You’ll find details on how to add these bits in the Roller Coaster instructions. There is currently only one BOOST set which is the Creative Toolbox set.

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      • Hello.
        I’ve finally got roUnd to building this and love it to bits.
        In the Lego shop they powered it with an infa red remote that made the ride set off at the press of a button.
        I was assured that this was available to buy.
        Is this the Lego boost add ons that have been mentioned or is it something else?

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        • There is an IR remote which works with a IR sensor (sold separately) but this doesn’t interact with the BOOST elements, you would need to have Power Functions elements

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          • Hi. Thanks.
            So quite simply, would 8884 and 8885 work with the standard motor functions 8883 88000?

          • Yes they should all interact together, there more details about all PF elements here

    • You will need motor 8883 do not get motor 8882 it will not fit and lego will not tell you this

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    • Elijah. Also have problem, purchased 88014& 88012 at Lego store and I was told it would operate the roller coaster but no, with the motor not fitted it will not rotate as well as fitted , what is the problem, 17 1 21 a

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      • The problem is that the set hasn’t been designed to work with the motors you have purchased. Powered functions are achieved by either the old Power Functions parts or the BOOST hub. It could be possible to swap out the PF motors for Powered UP versions. The Technic motors you have are a little different to the correct pieces

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        • Hi there! I just purchased a Lego Roller Coaster set today 11/20/21 for VIP weekend. Do you know what motor I would need to get to be compatible with it?

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          • Power Functions are no longer being produced so the equivalent parts would be Medium Liner Motor and hub or BOOST hub. These should provide the same functions to power the set

  2. new to this. could you describe the difference between BOOST and Power functions? I take it BOOST is app driven and only communicates with its unique motor. If true, what functionality will BOOST provide in addition to the 8883 motor (and 8883 accessories like the IR?

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    • Yes it’s part of the overall new control system for all LEGO smart products. It’s designed to replace PF and features new points of connection and control via a dedicated app (there is also a third party app with custom controls) you can learn more about Powered-Up here.

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  3. I have the 8883 motor function but I can’t find the 88000 battery box anywhere for sale in Australia but I can get a box of lego technic power functions 8293 … will this have a batter box that will work? Or do I need to keep looking?

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    • The battery box in the Technic PF functions is a different shape so won’t fit into the build as intended although it should still power it. As PF I’d being retired in favour of Powered UP the older PF stuff will be harder to find

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      • Hi Adam! If I get 17101: LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox, do I also need 8883: M-motor and 88000: AAA Battery Box?

        The photos suggest no but thanks for your advice!

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        • As far as I know, if you have BOOST then that contains everything you need to add power to the set. So it’s either Power Functions or BOOST bits you’ll need. Details for adding BOOST are in the instructions for the Coaster. If you don’t have the set yet then you can double check the digital instructions from the product page on LEGO.com or via the LEGO Instructions Plus app

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        • Hi There
          We bought 88012 & 80014 from the Lego shop and were told that it will power the Rollercoaster 10261, however there doesn’t seem to be an option for the rollercoaster in the control app? Any advice would be appreciated.
          Regards Elijah

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          • The Roller Coaster is controlled by the BOOST app. Although the powering elements you listed here are Technic not general Powered UP or Boost so you may need to create a custom controller via the Powered UP app. It may not give you the sound FX though.

  4. Hi – I have purchased the Roller Coaster and wondered if you could let me know exactly what i would need to add the power function.
    Its for a Christmas gift so want to make sure I get all of the exact correct bits as dont want someone disappointed on Christmas morning – thanks

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    • Power Functions are no longer being produced so the equivalent parts would be Medium Liner Motor and hub or BOOST hub. These should provide the same functions to power the set

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