New Build A Minifigure Characters Revealed

Recently, the Build A Minifigure offerings available in LEGO® stores have been full of exclusive prints or recoloured elements not found in any other sets. Three more upcoming characters have been revealed thanks to an image shared by Dylan Chow. Oddly, the image looks rather ‘official’ which could mean these sort of new BAM releases could be detailed on LEGO channels in the future. The new characters include a Dessert Suit Guy, which uses the same piece for the Pizza Suit and Watermelon Suit Minifigures. A clown with a unique torso and legs plus another colour to the Brick Suit outfits. I’m guessing they will start appearing in stores soon, if you spot them, then me know.


Author: Adam White

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  1. please give us new animal bam figures/ accessory’s a new colored dog or cats would be nice i love bam boxes and drive 2 1/2 hrs to my closest lego store and love the animal figures i have the chameleon, black terrier dog and the pigs and i love them dearly but would really enjoy another dog breed or color perhaps in the golden retriever mold? or cats? i would love to have more of the golden retrievers but cannot afford to buy whole sets :/

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    • Darien,
      I bought those on bricks and pieces, as well as the other animals from other sets. It works out lots cheaper than buying all of the sets. Hope this helps.

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  2. Adam, do you know where I can find a list of all the LEGO BAM’s released? What was the first year that LEGO introduced them? Thanks for the info!

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    • Unfortunately not on both counts, they have been in LEGO stores and LEGOLAND parks in various form for a number of years now. But the themed packs have only been a thing for the last few years. As they are not official characters and there’s so much variation between stores and regions, I don’t know of any official listings of every character. I’ll ask around and updated you if I find anything else out. Sorry I can’t be of more help

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    • Little update, not exactly a list of characters but this is the best I’ve found that shows quite a few of the recent BAM characters, you can find it here.

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