LEGO Xtra Accessories Sets Review

Earlier this year a new LEGO® theme was introduced called Xtra. This featured a number of accessories packs which can be added to other LEGO sets and builds to enhance play. We’ve been sent one of the upcoming new sets featuring water related paraphernalia so thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a look at some of the other sets at the same time. Each Polybag set features a selection of elements, some of which can be built into little minibuilds. The sets are great additions to LEGO City sets, with a number of minifigure accessories and pieces, which can be used to add more details to other LEGO sets or your own creations

40341: Sea Accessories

The Sea Accessories set includes 24 pieces, which include simple thing like flippers, a surfboard and treasure chest. As well as a few creatures including a light blue fish, new style shark and a funky mixed colour parrot. There are also a few buildable pieces such has a buoy and harpoon.

Add an ocean theme to your LEGO® creations with this LEGO xtra 40341 Sea Accessories set, featuring shark, parrot and fish figures and a selection of accessories including an oar, harpoon, surfboard and flippers. Also includes an opening seashell, empty barrel and a chest for storing the smaller accessories included with this set.

40310: Botanical Accessories

The Botanical Accessories set features a number of plant related elements. There aren’t as many builable pieces here apart from the trio of different coloured flowers, these use the newer stalk, flower heads and base leaf elements. You can’t have a plant based set without some classic cone trees. It’s a great set to help bulk out natural scenes.

Bring nature landscaping to life with the fresh LEGO® xtra 40310 Botanical Accessories pack! This set of items has a garden-related theme, featuring trees, plants, fencing and colorful buildable flowers. You can also combine and use them with all LEGO sets to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.

40311: Traffic Light

This particular Xtra set, features the largest amount of elements, the most of which are used to create four traffic lights. There’s also a random selection of rubbish, mainly food based and stuff to clean it up with. Great for being some extra detail to street scenes.

Add some order to your city streets with the awesome LEGO® xtra 40311 Traffic Lights pack! This set of items includes 4 buildable traffic lights, plus a wheelbarrow, trash can, broom and trash elements. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with all LEGO sets, to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.

40312: Streetlamps

Another city-focused set, it the Streetlamps set. This has the most buildable elements and some pretty useful pieces. In fact apart from the printed 1×2 tile used to create a phone, every piece is buildable. The fluorescent minifigure heads used for the smaller lamps are particularly cool. I love this material as it looks great in the right light. It’s a shame the green street signs aren’t printed.

Shine some light on your city streets with the fun LEGO® xtra 40312 Streetlamps pack! This set of items features 2 tall streetlamps, 2 shorter lamps, a lantern, newspaper stand with paper, trash can, camera and a bench. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with any LEGO sets, to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.

40313: Bicycles

Who else remembers the classic LEGO push bike, well this set includes two of them. They have only appeared in a handful of sets are the last few years. There’s also a few minifigure accessories including a nice little backpack and umbrella piece.

Strap on your bike helmet and hit the road with the speedy LEGO® xtra 40313 Bicycles pack! This set of items features 2 different bicycles with lights and kickstands and a skateboard, plus 2 bike helmets, a ball cap, letter, pizza box, umbrella, a backpack and 2 bike racks. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with any LEGO sets, to enhance children’s play in any way they can imagine.


The Xtra sets are a great way to get some rarish elements and well a being able to bring further details to your LEGO builds. They are particularly useful for MOC builders and those who like to create their own city scenes. As well as these sets, there is also a Food Accessories pack and three playmats, each of which have a themed playmat and a small selection of elements which can be built upon it. The Xtra range is available now from LEGO Brand Stores and The Sea Accessories pack will be available from January 1st.

Thanks to the LEGO Group for providing the Sea Accessories pack for review purposes, thoughts within this review of that of BricksFanz and not the LEGO Group.

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  1. These extra bags are, in the main, very good VFM. I have a couple myself and it saves hunting through the build-a-minifig Tower for accessories!

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