LEGO Train Projects Book Review

With so many different themes, its no surprise that there are fans dedicated to certain sorts of sets. LEGO® Trains has one of the largest fan bases of any LEGO range. Many of these fans build epic layouts of track, which is used to carry all manner of locomotives. Although there have been a number of LEGO trains released across a number of themes, there is nothing more satisfying than running a unique creation. Which is where the latest LEGO trains book from No Starch Press will come in useful. LEGO Train Projects offers detailed instructions to help you build one of seven train-flavoured builds. No Starch Press has very kindly sent me an advance copy to check out ahead of its publication early next month. All aboard our review of the LEGO Train Projects: 7 Creative Models book.

LEGO Train Projects Book

Product Description

Step by step, fully-illustrated building instructions for seven LEGO train models including a coal gondola, milk tanker, open hopper, depressed flatcar, passenger coach, powered box car, and diesel locomotive. Design alternatives suggest ways to customise the train cars, improve an existing LEGO train collection, or even pair the models in this book with an official LEGO train set.

  • Book Title: LEGO Train Projects: 7 Creative Models
  • Publisher: No Starch Press
  • Pages: 208
  • RRP: £19.05
  • ISBN: 9781718500488
  • Availability: Online & Directly From No Starch Press

LEGO Train Projects Book

The Book

Many LEGO books are filled with wonderful models created by expert builders, but many of them lack the instructions to help you recreate them. The LEGO Train Projects is nothing but instructions, with the book offering seven different models to recreate or use as a guide to creating your own variations. After a brief introduction from author Chris Pritchett, as well as a walkthrough on how to use the book, you’ll be greeted with instructions and element lists for each of the models featured in the book.

LEGO Train Projects Book

LEGO Train Projects Book

The element lists are very useful as they include the element IDs, name and quantities needed. There is also a visual element list as well, which is similar to what you’d find in the back of LEGO instruction manuals. There is great for those who may want to recreate the model but in a different colour. If those weren’t useful enough you can also visit this website, where you’ll find Bricklink-compatible downloads to instantly gather the required elements online.

LEGO Train Projects Book

The main focus of the book is to provide instructions for various carriages, these include a Coal Gondola, Depressed Flatcar, Powered Box Car, Milk Tanker, Open Hopper and a passenger coach. All compatible with the standard LEGO trains system of track and wheels. There are also instructions to build an EMD FL9 train engine. The steps to create these models are nice and clear, and very familiar to every LEGO fan, thanks to their similar appearance to LEGO instructions.

LEGO Train Projects Book

LEGO Train Projects Book


Even straight from the box, a LEGO train set is great fun to play with and if you’ve been to a LEGO show, you’ll most likely have been greeted by an impressive display of brick-built trains. This is a great book for those who aspire to recreate these vast LEGO train displays or merely enjoy taking a train around a simple circle of track. The instructions are easy to follow and the way the elements are presented are extremely useful. As with many of the LEGO titles from No Starch Press, they have given a platform to an area of the LEGO community which wouldn’t necessarily be covered elsewhere.

LEGO Train Projects: 7 Creative Models Book is published by No Starch Press and will be available from September 3rd in the UK, pre-order your copy today from Amazon. This book was provided to for the purposes of review. Receiving items for free does not influence the opinions of those items or guarantees a favourable review.

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