LEGO Star Wars Trading Cards Will Get UK Release

It was recently revealed that a Star Wars themed LEGO® Trading Card collection would be released over in Germany. Although most of the other LEGO Trading Cards series have appeared in the UK, the magazine licensing rights for Star Wars are a little tricky in the UK. All LEGO Magazines and past Trading Cards are published by Immediate Media in the UK, however the UK LEGO Star Wars magazine is published by Egmont. Outside the UK all LEGO titles and trading cards are published by Blue Ocean, that includes the LEGO Star Wars magazine. Who are now part owned by the parent company of Immediate Media. With many of the LEGO magazines used to distribute Limited Edition cards, a UK release for the Star Wars series could be tricky. However we can confirm that the UK will be getting the LEGO Star Wars Trading Card Collection on August 29th. Booster Pack will cost £1, Starter Packs will cost £4.99 and Multi Packs will go for £3.99. We’ve reached out to the publishers to find out a little more information and will share further details should we get them.

Author: Adam White

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  1. Wooooooo! Awesome this collection is going to be MEGA!! Can’t wait for more news and it’s out in another 10 days!! And with 24 LE’S too !! How many in the set? This will make up for not releasing nexo knights series 2 in the UK might get a u turn on that collection right sleep time 8 more sleeps then it’s out!! Right calm down you are 41 for god sake!! Awww but I love Lego 😉

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  2. Ooooooo wow! Really? Can’t wait for this 24 LE’S to collect aswell I wonder what sections we will have no about you will find the info on where to find all the LE’S how many cards are in the set? Another 8 sleeps and it’s in the shops! Yippee

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  3. LEGO® Trading Card Collection released in Germany and Poland.

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  4. My brother has started collecting them, and there are only 20 LE cards listed, with all coming via special packs, tins and magazines (1 with Lego Star Wars magazine, and 1 with MEGA magazine). There is a foil in every booster packet, with Jedi foils being 1 in 6, and Dark Side cards being 1 in 4. There are 2 gold cards which are 1 in 25.

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    • That’s a picture of the German version, as there wasn’t any images available for the UK collection when story was written.

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