LEGO Space: 1978-1992 Book Review

If there were ever two words to excite LEGO® fans it has to be Classic and Space. Alone they mean very little but when combined they conjure up memories of an era of LEGO fandom which still endures strong today. So it’s of little surprise that the much-loved Space theme has inspired a new book. LEGO Space: 1978-1992 is the first official LEGO title from Dark Horse. Across 200 pages, this new book takes an extremely deep dive into the classic era of LEGO Space, with insights from designers, behind-the-scenes material and plenty of wonderful images of classic LEGO sets. Here is a brief look at the LEGO Space: 1978-1992 book.

LEGO Space Book

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Book Title: LEGO Space 1978-1992 | Publisher: Dark Horse | Pages: 200 | RRP: £44.99/$49.99 | ISBN: 9781506725185

Author: Tim Johnson | Availability: Published November 14th, 2023

LEGO Space 1978-1992 Book

LEGO Space or Classic Space as it’s often referred to, is one of the original LEGO themes. Released in the late 70s, the theme and the sets it included were inspired by a real-world fascination with space fuelled by trips to the Moon and classic sci-fi films like Star Wars. The early space-themed LEGO sets were a little more grounded in reality than their later counterparts. So they focused on ships, crafts and structures which could one day, many years in the future, be found on the Moon or other planets. The sets were very much a product of their time, but they still hold a great deal of fondness with LEGO fans of a certain age.

LEGO Space 1978-1992 Book

The book is split into five sections, with the first detailing the creation of the theme and a little history of the LEGO Group. The following chapters focus on certain years of the theme, before the final section details some other notable releases and more modern-day variations of space sets. Each section of the book is packed with interesting facts, in-depth insights from some of the many LEGO designers who helped shape the theme over the years and so many wonderful images of the sets and production material.

LEGO Space 1978-1992 Book

It’s a truly fascinating look at the LEGO Space theme and the amount of archive material it contains is incredible. Dark Horse has really knocked it out of the park for their first LEGO title and author Tim Johnson (editor-in-chief at New Elementary) has done an amazing job of compiling the fabled history of LEGO Space into an amazing book. I’ve made my love of behind-the-scenes content in LEGO books clear. The Making of The LEGO Batman Movie and The NINJAGO Movie books are the pinnacle of what LEGO books can offer and this surpasses them. With Christmas closing in, this is the perfect gift for any LEGO fan, especially as it’s almost impossible to buy them any actual LEGO. I hope Dark Horse have more similar LEGO books planned.

LEGO Space 1978-1992 Book

LEGO Space 1978-1992 Book

The LEGO Space: 1978-1992 book is available now from selected retailers. It’s available as both a digital and physical book. In North America, it’s also available from

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