LEGO Launch AFOL Focused Build Campaign

For a toy focused company, the LEGO Group has a pretty unique spread of customers. Although children are the main recipients of LEGO sets, there is an ever growing community of older LEGO fans. LEGO have been aware of this unique set of customers for a number of years, and in recently there have been a growing number of sets released, tailored towards the AFOL market. Now a new AFOL-focused campaign has begun dubbed – Build Your Escape. This is the first truly adult-targeted advertising campaign the LEGO Group has run. Even with those sets more likely to appeal to older builders, they have still been advertised towards kids. This latest campaign only features adult builders in the various lifestyle images. Build Your Escape includes a number of larger sets from different themes including Creator Expert, Architecture, Ideas and Star Wars. Shop the Unplug and Click the Bricks range here.

Life is stressful. Between work, the commute, and the demands of parenting, you need an outlet to help you relinquish the worries that are weighing you down. The building of structures with LEGO bricks provides a platform for imagination, for visual and creative gratification and the pride of creation. Allocating time for building with LEGO® bricks gives you a chance to unwind – which in turn reduces stress, aids sleep, and improves your general wellbeing. It’s zen, in the shape of a brick.

Next year LEGO will launch a truly adult-focused concept known as LEGO FORMA. This unique new theme, is being dubbed as a way to escape for a few hours, in a pile of builds. With the set offering a kinetic sculpture, with interchangeable skins. This set will only be available via crowdfunding Indiegogo.

With adults being responsible for every £1 of every £10 spent on toys in the UK, toy companies and retailers are starting to take note of this ‘new’ kidult market, something LEGO has a great headstart on, thanks to their engagement with adult fans of LEGO and committed relationship their have nurtured.

Author: Adam White

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