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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and it’s a perfect opportunity to talk more about something that affects many people. It’s been a part of my life for a while, I won’t go into details but over the last few years various events have nearly destroyed me and I’ve been taken to some really dark places, but thanks to a little plastic brick, I’ve just about kept it together. LEGO® has become far more than a simple toy or hobby for me, it’s kept me going during those really dark times and the same can be said about this very site. Little did I know when I first started writing for another LEGO news sey, many years ago, I would start my own site, lose access to all my work, start that site up again. Or that LEGO would like what I do enough to become a LEGO Ambassador, something I’m extremely proud of and feel honored to do. I post a new article everyday without fail, that are hopefully enjoyed by a few people around the world. I pour a lot of time and effort into my work on BricksFanz, partly as a distraction but mainly to share my love of LEGO with other LEGO fans. I admit it can be a struggle at times and there are days it’s feels like a burden. However LEGO and BricksFanz has quite literally become a major part of my everyday life, it’s opened many avenues and most importantly given me a sort of escape.

Yes LEGO is a toy, but for me it has become a beacon of light in an otherwise dark time. It’s helped forge new friendships and given me so much to look forward to. So the next time you see one of these little plastic bricks imagine not only the possibility it holds in play but also how it can help in life too. Depression affects so many people, not only those who suffer from it but also those around them. It’s easy to belittle its effects without experiencing it and some people can cope with it better than others but even in the darkest of times no-one should feel alone and feel like there is only one way out. If something is troubling you, don’t fight it alone the Samaritans offer a free 24 hour helpline 08457909090 or you can click here

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Author: Adam White

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  1. Absolutely! Better than any drug that’s for sure!

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  2. You should be so proud of your site. I read it everyday and check back even several times a day. I am the same as you. I have suffered with many physical disabilities for over 30 years. Also PTSD, depression and many other mental health issues, too many to mention.When I reconnected with Lego just over a year ago I suddenly found something I could manage to do (in short bursts) even with the physical problems. I had no hobbies, no friends and never went out due to my problems but now I could enjoy a hobby and life a little better. Whether building sets, MOC’s or just messing about Lego gives me a lot of enjoyment and accomplishment. Everyone needs some kind of joy in their life, no matter there circumstances. I have now been out of my Lego dark age for just over a year and I am now just as bad as all of you , the house is full, no more display room and can’t get enough Lego. Sorry to go on and on. Thanks for your great piece. Mental health is still too much of a taboo. People who have mental health problems should not feel scared to say and should not feel judged. No one should suffer alone, just talk to anyone, do not feel like it makes you weak or people will judge.

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    • Hey Carol

      Your thoughtful words resonate totally with me.

      The joy this hobby, nay life style, brings is better than any CBT or SSRI.

      The only downside is the lack of display space and the cost involved.

      For me, the joy of opening a small parcel of Fabuland loveliness is better than anything I’ve ever taken. Better than any therapy I’ve ever had.

      Keep strong

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      • Thanks for your kind comments. I was worried I was wittering on and thought I could get a bad reaction. I don’t do any social media or comment on any other websites because of this. It’s always good to know you are not the only one who feels this way. I do agree about the excitement and joy of the new parcel of Lego. The only other problem is there are not enough hours in the day to build all the Lego I want to build !

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    • Thanks for your lovely comments Carol. Life can definitely be tricky sometimes and LEGO is a mere drop in the ocean but it’s much needed escape. BricksFanz is a way of keeping me busy, giving me something to look forward to and allowing me to share my love of LEGO with others.

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      • As I have mentioned to Robin in the above comment , I was worried I was wittering on and thought I could get a bad reaction. I don’t do any social media or comment on any other websites because of this. I also like the way you have mentioned in the past how Lego is helping the elderly and people with dementia. I would never have thought how much Lego would have helped me. May be Lego should be available on the NHS, as I agree with Robin that it is better than any CBT or tablets I’ve ever had. It’s a shame more physically disabled people are unaware of the benefits Lego could bring to their lives. So much Lego, not enough time to build. Thanks everyone.

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