LEGO Ideas 80s Set Fan Vote Paused

Last week the five sets which made it to the LEGO® Ideas If We Could Turn Back Time fan vote were revealed. However, things haven’t gone smoothly as the voting process has been paused and will be reset. This is due to two of the fan submissions being from the same creator, which was expressly not allowed according to the challenge’s terms and conditions. The LEGO Ideas team has admitted the mistake and will now swap either the Karate Kid or Goonies submission for another from a different creator. Once a new project has been chosen the fan vote will be relaunched, don’t forget there will be two sets launched as a result of this challenge with a second fan vote set to begin once the first one has ended. You can learn more here.

LEGO Ideas 80s

We wanted to thank you all for your feedback surrounding the Fan Vote for this challenge. We have read your comments and deeply appreciate your support. 

In response to your feedback, we will be restarting the Fan Vote, with 5 projects, from 5 different creators. One of the submissions by the same creator will be replaced with a new submission. This is in no way a reflection on the quality of any of the submissions and is solely due to an unfortunate mistake from us.

We will have full details in the Fan Vote relaunch blog coming very soon, however, we can tell you this will not impact the other Fan Vote for this challenge (which we’re very excited about!). 

While we’re resetting this Fan Vote, it’s important to note that the creators who have received thousands of votes for their submissions, haven’t done anything wrong. Please be respectful of every, and all, of our incredibly creative challenge participants. 

Thank you all, for your patience and understanding. Please keep an eye on the LEGO Ideas Blog for the relaunch announcement.  

The LEGO Ideas Team 

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