LEGO Iconic Play & Display Cases Review

Way back in 2017 alongside the release of The LEGO® NINJAGO Movie ROOM Copenhagen released a new style LEGO display solution called Play & Display. The Play & Display case is a fairly new addition to ROOM’s many officially licensed LEGO branded products. Last year they revealed two more generic LEGO Play & Display cases, these were not tied to a specific. After from the initial reveal, they seemed to disappear off the radar, until a couple of weeks ago. Now both cases have been released and I’ve taken a closer look at each. There are numerous display options for LEGO these day but how do these official options shape up?

Product Description

Have fun and show off your LEGO Ninjago creations with this new two-level play and display box. The display case comes with 6 original grey LEGO baseplates and two backdrop scenes that sets the tone for your play situation. When done playing, put your creations on display on one of the two levels. The transparent case cover will let your LEGO Ninjago creations take center stage, while protecting them from dust and nosy siblings.

LEGO Iconic Play & Display Case Red

  • Product Name: LEGO Iconic Play & Display Red
  • Features: 6 removable 8 x 16 grey LEGO plates, backdrop scene
  • RRP: £29.99
  • Item No: 40700001
  • Product Dimensions: 192 x 398 x 149 mm

LEGO Iconic Play & Display Case Blue

  • Product Name: LEGO NINJAGO Movie Play & Display Stand
  • Features: 6 removable 8 x 16 grey LEGO plates, backdrop scene
  • RRP: £29.99
  • Item No: 40700002
  • Product Dimensions: 192 x 398 x 149 mm

As mentioned above there have been a few official Minifigure display products released over the year, many of which are also produced by ROOM, but until recently many of these display solutions haven’t really been able to accommodate a full series of LEGO Minifigures. Especially since many series are now expanding beyond the standard 16 character series. Which is why this particular product is so interesting. It’s also big enough to be able to display thing like BrickHeadz, MircoFighters or any other small LEGO builds.

One of the most surprising things above the Play & Display case is its size. It’s about the size of a small fish tank and comprises of three main sections, a twin stepped base available in either blue or red, a transparent LEGO branded casing and six genuine LEGO grey base plates.

The base section features two platforms, with one raised higher than the other, along with a lip running all around the entire perimeter. This is where the clear case section sits in place, it’s a snug fit but not too tight where as it’s tricky to remove. Meaning you can easily get to your encased Minifigures collections or LEGO builds.

The two platforms have enough space for three LEGO 8 x 16 plates to sit end to end. The plates on the top shelf of the platform are held in place with 6 studs. They don’t have the same sort of clutch power has LEGO studs, but merely act has a simple anchor point for the plates. Because of this, any sharp movements can easily shift the top plates.

The base section is complemented by a cardboard backdrop. Unlike The LEGO NINJAGO Movie versions, the backdrops included here are single sided. The blue version has a LEGO brick wall and the red version features LEGO bricks and builds. They are both nice addition and ties the whole thing together nicely. To keep your LEGO displays safe from feline foes or dust, the whole thing is covered by a clear casing. Ironically it does attract a lot of particles when you first open it so you may need to keep wiping bits off it, especially from the inside.


I really like the NINJAGO Movie version so was pleased to see the range expanded to include more generic cases. As mentioned above some of the other official solutions don’t allow for a many Minifigures to fit in them, and are certainly not designed to allow other LEGO builds to fit in them. What I like about this product is that is has plenty of room for plenty of Minifigures and more. You can easily get a couple of series of Minifigures in there and a fair few other things. The LEGO Play & Display cases are available now from Amazon and A Place For Everything.

Author: Adam White

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