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Next year will see the LEGO® Friends theme completely rebooted with a new cast of characters. This new generation of Heartlake City will be more diverse and offer fun new ways for kids to see themselves in the toys they play with. Even before the upcoming changes, LEGO Friends has offered groups of similar sets such as Heart Boxes and Cubes. This will continue with the new sets and 4 Bedroom sets. These also provide one of the easiest ways to get all of the new main characters. So here’s a look at the first 4 of the Friend’s Rooms sets.

LEGO Friends Rooms Q1 Mini-dolls

The base build of all 4 sets is basically the same with each one built upon an 8×16 plate. Although they are called rooms, they aren’t enclosed, instead, they feature walls along two sides of the base plate. Each room is then kitted out with various different details related to the character whose room it is. These details are a mix of buildable elements and a fair few stickers. Although each set requires plenty of stickers, they add some great details even if some of the pieces could easily have been printed. Each set includes 2 of the new Friends characters. So across the 4 sets, you can gather the entire new line-up of mini-dolls. Each set also features an animal of some sort, including some new ones.

Liann’s Room

Set Name: Liann’s Room | Set Number: 41739 | Pieces: 204 | RRP: £17.99/$19.99/19.99€ | Characters: Liann & Autumn

41739 Liann's Room0348001

Liann is quite arty and her room reflects that with pots of paint dotted about the place and the separate builds being 2 paint easels. It’s quite a sparse room with only a couple of buildable things found in it. They include a shelf unit, which flips down to become a bed. There’s also a small tank for Liann’s gecko pet popcorn. A simple cubic window screen perfectly doubles as a home for a reptile. The room may not be filled with stuff but there are a couple of additional buildable elements, these include a plinth for Popcorn to pose on and 2 paint easels. I love the stickers on these, which show the painting skills of both Liann and Autumn.

41739 Liann's Room0437979

41739 Liann's Room0550925

41739 Liann's Room0558486

41739 Liann's Room0609403

41739 Liann's Room0621869

41739 Liann's Room0633385

41739 Liann's Room0645068

41739 Liann's Room0525630

Both versions of the characters are exclusive to this set. Obviously, Autumn must be mentioned, she is missing her arm. This is not a sales point or even mentioned in the set’s product description, but it is an important moment as it helps those who will play with this set to identify themselves in the toys they play with.

41739 Liann's Room0510750

41739 Liann's Room0737033

Aliya’s Room

Set Name: Aliya’s Room | Set Number: 41740 | Pieces: 209 | RRP: £17.99/$19.99/19.99€ | Characters: Aliya & Paisley

41740 Aliya's Room0951747

Aliya seems to have a whimsical imagination and her room is equally magical. Her room is filled with books, with many of them shown on the stickered walls or in stacks of plates and tiles. There are plants growing up the walls of the room, which add a touch of fairytale flair. The only functional feature of the room is focused on the bed. This includes a slide-out panel below the bed to create a sleeping area for both characters. Separate from the build of the room is a projector and screen, which features a scene reminiscent of the old LEGO Elves theme, well I like to think it is.

41740 Aliya's Room1029784

41740 Aliya's Room1226861

41740 Aliya's Room1240126

41740 Aliya's Room1246105

41740 Aliya's Room1254897

41740 Aliya's Room1308775

41740 Aliya's Room1203943

As with all the mini-dolls in the room sets, both versions of Aliya and Paisley are only found in this set. With both characters wearing pyjamas.

41740 Aliya's Room1109459

41740 Aliya's Room1425941~2

Leo’s Room

Set Name: Leo’s Room| Set Number: 41754 | Pieces: 203 | RRP: £17.99/$19.99/19.99€ | Characters: Leo & Olly

41754 Leo's Room1648103

With the rest of the sets having a theme of sorts, Leo’s abode features a little bit of everything. Overall, I guess it could be considered having strong beach vibes. However, this doesn’t really relate to anything going on in the room. Leo certainly has varied interests. He appears to be quite active with the room featuring stuff related to surfing, football and diving. There’s also a small kitchen area where Leo and pal Olly film online cooking vids. The vlogger’s ring light camera stand shows how different kids’ interests are these days.

41754 Leo's Room1731360

41754 Leo's Room1946380

41754 Leo's Room1940506

41754 Leo's Room1955774

41754 Leo's Room2007272

41754 Leo's Room2031960

41754 Leo's Room1806028

This set features one of the most interesting new creatures in the form of a very chunky cat, who is giving off some fairly grumpy vibes. Leo and Olly are in unique outfits, only found in this set, but to be honest, they aren’t the most exciting of the new gang.

41754 Leo's Room1848553

41754 Leo's Room2218325~2

Nova’s Room

Set Name: Nove’s Room | Set Number: 41755 | Pieces: 179 | RRP: £17.99/$19.99/19.99€ | Characters: Nova & Zac

41755 Nova's Room2355482

This is by far my favourite of the 4 sets. It has an interesting colour scheme and plenty of fun gaming-related details. One such detail is hidden behind a sliding panel and appears to be a Legend of Zelda Easter Egg. Nova’s love of gaming is mainly shown through her gaming rig. Her PC tower is suitably jazzy like many of the current high-end ones which have see-through panels and neon lighting. There is another fun Easter Egg on her screens, Bionicle lives on in Heartlake City. Although much of the set is used to create a scene, there are a couple of play functions. As well as the aforementioned sliding wall panel, Nova’s bed flip open to reveal a hidden area underneath. It’s not just gaming Nova has a passion for, she also seems to be quite the inventor. The set includes a separate workbench built upon which she’s tinkering with the wheels on the harness for her disabled dog, Pickle.

41755 Nova's Room2443355a

41755 Nova's Room2603051

41755 Nova's Room2614846

41755 Nova's Room2627915

41755 Nova's Room2637666

41755 Nova's Room2657288

41755 Nova's Room2716306~2

41755 Nova's Room2731643

41755 Nova's Room2542681

Both the Nova and Zac mini-dolls are exclusive variants, both of the gaming-themed torsos are only worn by the characters in this set.

41755 Nova's Room2521444

41755 Nova's Room2920148


Although these are small sets, they are a fantastic introduction to the new characters. Each room does a fun job of reflecting the interests and personalities of Liann, Aliya, Leo and especially Nova. Her room is certainly my favourite but all of them have interesting features and details. There are quite a few stickers in each set and they add something to each room, even if many of them could have been printed pieces. It’s nice to have exclusive variants of the new characters in each set, it’s just a shame only four rooms are featured in this wave of sets. I hope and assume, the rest of the characters will get their own rooms in future sets. Much has been said about the diversity and inclusiveness of the new characters and as mentioned already, having things such as toys reflect real life is very important. For kids and adults to see themselves represented in things around them is quite special.

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