LEGO DUPLO Launches Series Of Songs & Videos

LEGO® has linked up with West One Music and Tongal to release a series of classic children’s songs and videos. These well-known tunes are accompanied by animated videos which use DUPLO® characters and sets. Use them to delight your younger LEGO fans or play them on loop to annoy neighbours. They could also be used as a delightful form of audio torture for enemies. Actually The Number Train song is a particular banger! Check them out below if you dare.

LEGO® DUPLO® launches series of sing-along songs and videos to help children develop

LEGO® DUPLO®, West One Music Group and Tongal release new series of high-quality and fun animations and original song compositions

[April 9th, 2020] LEGO® DUPLO®, West One Music Group, and Tongal are proud to announce the release of a new series of high-quality animations and song compositions for the millions of LEGO DUPLO fans around the world. A mix of well-known and original compositions have been created to help children learn world-famous children’s songs and nursery rhymes, whilst bringing the magical world of the iconic LEGO DUPLO toys to life for pre-school children.

Over the coming months, 21 songs will be released around three key themes; Happy Birthday, Lullaby Songs and Nursery Rhymes; each one bursting with energy and excitement. The animations and songs are designed to ignite fun and imagination, as well as inspire creativity and engagement. They are educational and the aim is to encourage children, parents and friends to connect and sing along together.

Music helps the body and mind work together to ignite all areas of child development and social skills, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words, along with supporting skills such as spatial awareness, working memory, listening, and early math.

Keith Malone, Senior Director of Content Development at the LEGO Group: “We are very excited about bringing LEGO DUPLO to life through the new LEGO DUPLO animations and songs. Being a parent myself, I can really see how singing sparks joy and excitement with toddlers while also improving essential developmental and social skills. We hope that families will have lots of fun together while creating wonderful shared memories and playful experiences through these new songs.”

The first set of songs will be available to stream for free on YouTube (via Moonbug’s YouTube channels) from April 9th, with the music available on your preferred streaming service, such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play Store, and Spotify from April 24th. Some of the songs will also launch in other languages.

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