LEGO Cute Ideas Book Review

DK Books recently published a new LEGO® title called LEGO Cute Ideas. The book continues the popular ‘ideas’ books range, which offers inspirational build ideas and it also includes an exclusive Owlicorn mini-build model. LEGO Cute Ideas is inspired ‘kawaii’, that’s a Japanese term for the culture of cuteness. Across the book, you’ll discover over 50 inspirational build ideas, which you can attempt to recreate with your own LEGO collection. Let’s take a closer look inside the book and at the exclusive Owlicorn model.

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

Product Description

Turn your LEGO world kawaii with more than 50 adorable ideas, plus an exclusive Owlicorn model!

Get inspired by this colourful collection of original LEGO build ideas, all based around cute “kawaii” style. Use your LEGO bricks to create quirky builds, such as unicorns, hotdogs, cacti, cupcakes, and many more. Plus, express your cute style with bag charms and zany pencil pots.

Perfect for little LEGO fans who are obsessed with all things cute!

  • Book Title: LEGO Cute Ideas
  • Publisher: DK Books
  • Pages: 80
  • LEGO ElementsOwlicorn
  • RRP: £9.99
  • ISBN: 9780241401200
  • Availability: General

The Book

DK has published a number of ‘ideas’ books over the years, these have featured a mixture of titles simply filled with inspirational ideas and book which feature a small number of LEGO bricks. It’s safe to say that the books with the LEGO elements are certainly more interesting. Cute Ideas is a smaller format book compared to most DK Book, which kind of adds to the overall cuteness of the book. As mentioned in the intro, the book is inspired by a Japanese term called “kawaii” which in basic terms means the culture of cute. In popular culture that would embody things like Hello Kitty and certain Pokémon characters. In terms of this book, it seems to involve popping a couple of eyes of things. The builds throughout the book are simple enough to recreate without the instructions or can act as an inspiration to create your own kawaii LEGO creations.

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

The Minibuild

LEGO Cute Ideas also includes a small number of elements needed to build an exclusive mini-build. This is dubbed an Owlicorn, which as the name suggests, is a sort of owl/unicorn hybrid and it does look rather cute. It’s a fairly small build, and of course, has those cutesy wide eyes.

LEGO Cute Ideas Review

LEGO Cute Ideas Review


LEGO Cute Ideas is another interesting little title from DK Books. The inspirational ideas through the book are fun and certainly tick the cute book. The fact they all have eyes may make them seem a little samey but looking beyond that, there is a nice spread of different creations. Although there are no step-by-step instructions for the builds shown in the book, they are easy enough to decipher or at least act as a guide for your own takes on them. The Owlicorn mini-build is a fun addition and certainly the biggest draw for picking up the book.

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  1. I’m looking for a lego piece set that will work well with this book . My granddaughters have a lot of sets but I would like to be sure they have the pieces to make the projects in this book . Can you make a recommendation .

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    • There is no single set you can buy to guarantee you’ll have every piece shown in the book. They are merely meant as an inspirational guide to creating your own builds. Any of the LEGO Classic sets are great for offering a nice selection of generic bricks. These will certainly give your granddaughters plenty of bricks to get building. Check out the LEGO Classic sets here.

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