LEGO City Summer Set Animals Showcase

Minifigures are great, but a LEGO® animal is truly a magnificent treat to find in a new LEGO set. As the LEGO City have been more varied and more exciting, there’s been an influx of new animal figures. Following the introduction of farm animals and African wildlife last year, this Summer, the new LEGO City sets will introduce several new animals. The latest lineup has an aquatic theme and along with some all-new LEGO critters and a few older ones have also made a return. Here’s a look at some of the new animals joining the LEGO line-up.

LEGO City Summer 2023 Animals

The smallest of the new LEGO City sets, introduces two new LEGO animals. In set 60376: Arctic Snowmobile, you’ll find both an adult grey seal and a white seal cub. Expect this to be one of the most popular of the new sets.

LEGO City Summer 2023 Animals

Another fairly small set is the 60377: Explorer Diving Boat which features four LEGO animals. These include both a recoloured and new-size Sea Turtle, plus the return of the Hammerhead Shark and Manta Ray.

LEGO City Summer 2023 Animals

Polar Bears have appeared in past sets as well as the same element being used to portray a brown bear. But it’s still a fairly rare element, thankfully there’s another chance to get a LEGO Polar Bear in 60378: Arctic Explorer Truck and Mobile Lab. This set also introduces a new Polar Bear cub, with two being found in the set.

LEGO City Summer 2023 Animals

Finally, the biggest of the new LEGO animals is featured in one of the largest of the new LEGO City sets. One of the ocean’s deadliest predators is the Orca, which is found in set 60368: Arctic Explorer Ship. Although if you were a seal, you wouldn’t want to go swimming with one in real life, the LEGO version is a rather cute.

LEGO City Summer 2023 Animals

The new sets also feature a few additional animals not shown here. These include an owl, a puppy, a dog, smaller sharks and a squirrel. I’ll be taking a closer look at each of the new sets and will go into more detail in those upcoming reviews. The new LEGO City sets are released on June 1st in most regions and in August for those in North America.

LEGO City Summer 2023 Animals

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