LEGO City 2018 Meet The Mining Experts

The latest range of LEGO® City sets are now available and the Mining Experts are back to search out some of LEGO City’s hidden treasures. There’s gold in them there hills and the Mining Experts have all the equipment they need to break through the solid rock deep within mountains of LEGO City. The Mining Experts sets include the new gold nuggets and glow-in-the-dark spider elements. The new range of LEGO City Mining Experts sets are available now from LEGO Brand stores, and Smyths Toys Superstores. Buy any LEGO City set from and get a free LEGO City Hot Dog Stand set.

60184: Mining Team

Head into the LEGO City mines and dig up something shiny! Check out that rock pile, it looks promising. Grab the dynamite and load it into the opening, then back up and set it off. Haul out the rubble and see what you’ve found. Watch out for the lurking spider, though, or you’re in for a scary surprise! Available Now from

60185: Mining Power Splitter

Climb aboard the Mining Power Splitter and head into the mines to do some digging! Check out that massive rock, it looks interesting. Drive the power splitter closer and put the jackhammer to work. Crash! Look behind the rocks, what’s that? Can you recover the gold without disturbing the giant glowing spider? Too late, RUN! Available Now from

60186: Mining Heavy Driller

Dig up some gold and run some tests on it! Run the heavy driller deep into the cave and then haul out the gold nuggets with the shovel loader. Empty the loader by the lab, so the geologist can analyze what you’ve found. Take a break and use the tools on the stand to clear up the mess from the drill, or make more! Watch out for the giant spider sitting up on the rocks. It doesn’t look very happy to be disturbed by the noisy work! Available Now from

60187: Mining Expert Site

Climb into the cab of the huge grinder/crusher and start mining! Shift the grinder along the side of the mine and uncover gold nuggets. Hop into the small front loader and scoop up the chunks on the ground, then haul them over to the scientist’s mobile lab. Be careful, the demolition expert is about to set off the dynamite to search for more nuggets. Load up the mining carts and empty them in the waiting dump truck for processing. Wait, what’s that? You woke up a bear and it’s coming to check out your lunch! Available Now from

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