LEGO 2024 Polybags Hands-on Part 3

With a couple of new LEGO® polybags released this Spring, here’s the third part of my look at some of the latest promotional LEGO Polybags. These are all inspired by licensed LEGO themes and offer little tasters of larger sets. They can be tricky to track down but they appear in supermarkets or are given away free through LEGO promotions and magazines. They are also available through various online retailers including The Minifigure Store. You can take a closer look at some of the previously released 2024 polybags here and here. Read on below for a look at the Animal Crossing, Harry Potter, McLaren Speed Champions and Marvel minisets.

30662: Maple’s Pumpkin Garden

30662 Maple's Pumpkin Garden

30662 Maple's Pumpkin Garden

The new LEGO Animal Crossing theme has been stupendously popular with many of the new sets selling out upon their release, earlier this year. Alongside the five playsets, a polybag was also released. This features a unique Animal Crossing villager, making it a must-have. Maple is a cute little bear character and one of the game series’ original residents. She’s wearing her New Horizons outfit, known as the ‘Tree Jumper’. Along with the minifigure, the miniset also includes two island plates. One represents a hill and the other a small garden growing pumpkins. It’s a great polybag and one of the best released this year. Theme: Animal Crossing | Pieces: 29

30677: Draco in the Forbidden Forest

30677 Draco in the Forbidden Forest

30677 Draco in the Forbidden Forest

This Harry Potter-themed polybag set is a companion piece to the larger Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures set. The small burrow-like stump features two connectors which allow this set to be clipped to the larger set. Similar to that larger set, this miniset features a couple of creatures including an owl. It also features a minifigure of Draco, this version has been featured in four other sets. It’s a decent little set and it’s nice it can be used to expand another set. Theme: Harry Potter | Pieces: 33

30679: Venom Street Bike

30679 Venom Street Bike

30679 Venom Street Bike

There is an unusual obsession with Venom in recent LEGO Marvel sets. The alien symbiote has been featured in several sets and is the focus of this Marvel polybag. The set features an interestingly built motorcycle, which doesn’t rely on a bike frame. Instead, it uses a pair of wheel forks. This gives the bike a chunkier appearance. To make it more Venom-like, the bike is mostly black with flashes of white and black wisps. The Venom minifigure is the same one used in sets since 2019. Venom is a cool character but I’m not sure why he’s featured in so many sets. Theme: Marvel | Pieces: 53

30683: McLaren Formula 1 Car

30683 McLaren Formula 1 Car

30683 McLaren Formula 1 Car

Speed Champions are known for offering detailed recreations of real-world vehicles. Several sets have been retooled to create even smaller versions of supercars. Past sets have been surprisingly cool little builds, using parts in interesting ways. Unfortunately, compared to other Speed Champions polybags, this set is a little disappointing. It looks great and continues the feel of being like a brick-built die-cast car. It’s just a lot simpler than other sets. I do like the use of the Moon Knight’s ‘Crescent Dart’ weapon for the halo trim of the car’s cockpit. Theme: Speed Champions | Pieces: 58

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