Hang Stuff In Style With LEGO Stud Wall Hangers

Love hanging things on walls, but disappointed by the common hook? Then these new LEGO® Wall Hangers are just the things you need to jazz up all your hanging needs. The LEGO Wall Hanger Sets are colorful upscaled LEGO stud elements. They can be placed on a wall or door, to be used as a hook-type device or merely for some fun LEGO decoration. Each pack features three different sized upscale LEGO studs, in classic, black and white or pastel colours. These official LEGO Wall Hangers will be available in 2019. From various retailers including Amazon and STORE: A Place For Everything.

LEGO Wall Hangers Classic

LEGO Wall Hangers Black & White

LEGO Wall Hangers Pastel

Author: Adam White

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  1. Where can I get these?

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    • They are made by the same people do the storage stuff so I’d expect place like Amazon, Store: A Place For Everything and maybe shop.LEGO.com

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  2. Hi, I can’t find these on any search online any ideas where I can get them from-thank you in advance

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    • They haven’t been released yet, I told late February, early March

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