Dungeons & Dragons Questing With Minifigures

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. The popular ‘pen & paper’ role-playing game has inspired pop culture for almost as long. It’s fair to say almost everyone will have experienced something related to DnD even if they have never played the tabletop game. Beyond the basic game, DnD has inspired video games such as Baulder’s Gate, a much-loved 90s cartoon series and even formed the basis of the monsters featured in Stranger Things. A LEGO set can be added to that list as LEGO Ideas is due to release a new set celebrating its 50th anniversary. But DnD has a long association with LEGO, albeit in an unofficial capacity.

Dungeons and Dragons has primarily been an ‘on-the-fly’ game played with pen, paper and an awful lot of dice. Led by a Dungeon Master, a group of players create their characters and their fate is decided as they make choices and roll dice. Many DnD players have long used LEGO elements to embellish their quests and bring these characters to life. DnD SigFigs have been a common part of the player experience for many years.

DnD Custom Characters

Several character classes in DnD follow common traits of fantasy worlds such as wizards, knights and elves. Many of these character classes can be recreated using any number of minifigures from the various collectable series and other fantasy themes such as Lord of the Rings, Castle and even NINJAGO. But it’s not limited to those themes with players also using pieces from Star Wars, Superheroes and more to create their perfect DnD avatar.

You can also get a little more creative in crafting your perfect DnD character, by using the Pick a Brick service on LEGO.com or having a rummage in the Build a Minifigure station in LEGO stores. You can even create unique print details on torsos by visiting a LEGO store with a Minifigure Factory.

LEGO Ideas DnD Tease

Later this year, LEGO Ideas will be launching a new set inspired by DnD based on an original fan design called Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End. The set is expected to be able to become part of a DnD game and should include several minifigures inspired by classic character types. The set was recently teased with a Gelatinous Cube filled with LEGO accessories.

Author: Adam White

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