Big Savings On LEGO Bundles At John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners are currently offering a number of special LEGO® Bundles with a fair bit of savings compared to buying the included sets separately. The bundles are basically a ‘buy on get one free’ type offer. They include sets which can be connected together or from similar themes. For example buy the LEGO Boost bundle with also includes the LEGO City Arctic truck that can be enhanced with Boost. Or buy the LEGO Creator Winter Village Train and get some additional tracks. Check out each bundle below. Please note these are packages together in any sort of special box, there are merely individual sets but combined under one price point.

Includes 10254: Winter Holiday Train + 60205 Tracks

Includes 21309: NASA Apollo Saturn V + 21312: Women of NASA

Includes 75953: Hogwarts Whomping Willow + 75950: Aragog’s Lair

Includes 60174: Mountain Police HQ = 60176: Wild River Escape

Includes 60197: Passenger Train +60205: Tracks +60238 Switch Tracks

Includes 42081: Volvo Concept Loader ZEUX + 242074:-in-1 Racing Yacht

Includes 31084: 3-in-1 Pirate Roller Coaster + 31073: 3-in-1 Mythical Creatures

Includes 10836: Town Square +10867: Farmers Market

Includes 76108: Avengers Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown + 76102: Thor’s Weapon Quest

Includes 70655: Dragon Pit + 70608: Master Falls

Includes 41347: Heartlake City Resort + 41332 Emma’s Art Stand

Includes 17101: Boost Creative Toolbox + 60194: Arctic Scout Truck

Author: Adam White

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