Become Best Buddies With New LEGO Friends Sets

The brand new range of 2018 LEGO® Friends sets are now available. This new range of LEGO Friends sets introduces a redesign of the LEGO Friends girls, these changes are to reflect and reinforce the individual personalities of the Heartlake City girls. The most noticeable changes are that of Olivia’s appearance and a new darker purple coloured packaging, as well as the new LEGO Friends character artwork. The new sets are also filled with a number of fun play features, all-new elements and some cool coloured pieces. These new LEGO Friends sets are available now from LEGO Brand Stores, and selected retailers.

41327: Mia’s Bedroom

This LEGO Friends Mia’s Bedroom 41327 set is on a green heart-shaped base and perfectly reflects Mia’s outdoorsy spirit. She has a tree house-style bed with steps, a little house for her pet bunny underneath, a skateboard and ramp to practice new tricks, plus more sporting equipment, bunny treats and a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with her friends. Available Now From

41328: Stephanie’s Bedroom

This LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Bedroom 41328 is set on a blue heart- shaped base and perfectly reflects Stephanie’s sporty personality. It has its own mini golf putting green with a ball and golf club, a little doghouse, a mobile phone to call friends, an alarm clock and a trophy to show Stephanie’s sporting achievements. Available Now From

41329: Olivia’s Bedroom

This LEGO Friends Olivia’s Deluxe Bedroom 41329 Set comes with an Olivia mini-doll, a buildable Zobo figure and a cat figure, and there is room to fit all 5 girls from Heartlake City inside this popular kids’ toy! Discover the secret compartment under Zobo’s control center with a map of Heartlake City Park. Use the satellite to find people who need help and put up the ladder to help rescue the cat from the tree. Available Now From

41330: Stephanie’s Sport Park

Score goal after goal with Stephanie and Dash with this LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Soccer Practice 41330 Set! LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Soccer Practice features a soccer goal with moving goalkeeper platform, and a football launcher with shooting function for endless play with this great children’s toy, alone or with a friend. There’s also a strategy board and a drinks station, plus Stephanie’s pet puppy to add to the fun. Available Now From

41332: Emma’s Art Stand

Budding artists will love this LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Stand 41332 Set. Emma is towing her art stand behind her cool little scooter to set up in Heartlake City Park her favourite place to paint caricatures. Swing open the windows to show the paintings she has for sale today and help her operate the cash register. Settle her cat Chico down in his bed for a nap, while Emma sits at the easel to work on her latest masterpiece her best friends are always her greatest inspiration! Available Now From

41333: Olivia’s Mission Vehicle

Head to Heartlake City Park in Olivia’s Mission Vehicle—there’s a cat who needs her help! Olivia and her robot Zobo have everything they need to make sure all is well in Heartlake City. Put Zobo in his rooftop control center to monitor the situation, while Olivia sets up the ladder to rescue the little cat from the tree. When he’s safe and sound, drive off to find Olivia’s friends—there’s room for them all inside! Available Now From

41334: Andrea’s Park Performance

Put on a performance for your LEGO collection with this LEGO Friends Andrea’s Park Performance 41334. Take centre stage for an afternoon of performances in Heartlake City Park, starting with a puppet show! Help the dad and his baby sit down on a bench to watch the show, then press the piano keys at the back of the stage to help the puppets move about! Afterwards, rotate the stage background to help Andrea and her pet bird Pepper put on a beautiful musical performance together. Then head to the hot dog stand for a snack after the show. Available Now From

41335: Mia’s Tree House

Help Mia turn her brother’s tree house into the perfect park hangout spot for all her friends with this LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House 41335 Set. Pack Daniel’s belongings into a box in the roof before he leaves for college, and help Mia decorate by putting up pictures of her friends and family. Scramble up the net to the second floor and use the water gun to keep out any unwanted visitors! Then slide down the zip wire to visit Mia’s bunny Mimì in her little house and give her a carrot. Available Now From

42336: Emma’s Art Café

This LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Cafe 41336 Set is where the people of Heartlake City meet up and get creative over a bite to eat. The iconic design of this fun toy features a giant panini on the roof, while inside is a panini machine, coffee machine, seating area and cash register. There’s also an outside art area that is hinged so it can be moved around, and a bench full of paints for the resident graffiti artist. Available Now From

41338: Stephanie’s Sports Arena

Meet up with Stephanie to keep fit and play some of her favourite sports at this LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Sports Arena 41338. Head through the main entrance to the basketball arena. Practice your aim by pressing the button to shoot basketballs into the net, then take a seat in the stand to watch Stephanie take on her biggest rival in a tennis match! Grab a taco after the match and buy a souvenir in your team’s colors from the shop upstairs. Available Now From

41339: Mia’s Camper Van

Drive to the countryside with Mia and Stephanie for a camping adventure with this LEGO Friends Mia’s Camper Van 41339. Set up the canopy and picnic bench, then get to work in the kitchen preparing a meal to enjoy outside. Plan adventures in the inflatable dinghy or take the friendly horse for a ride. Open the upstairs sleeping area and tuck the girls in for the night—they can pitch the tent tomorrow and camp out under the stars. Available Now From

41340: Friendship House

Hangout at the Friendship House with the girls from Heartlake City with this LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Set and enjoy a relaxing day listening to music in the hot tub, doing crafts with Emma, or cheering on Andrea’s latest musical performance. The girls from Heartlake City have taken over the old fire station and turned it into the ultimate LEGO Friends headquarters! Relax in the rooftop hot tub, get creative in Emma’s craft room or enjoy Andrea’s performance terrace. There goes the old fire alarm—the girls have a new mission! Make popcorn in the kitchen and spin the bedroom TV to reveal the secret mission screen. Once briefed, slide down the fireman’s pole and speed off on Olivia’s bike!Plot mission after mission together at the Friendship House!There are no rules for the girls in the Friendship House, featuring a kitchen, bedroom with mission screen, rooftop hot tub, performance terrace, fireman’s pole and lots more! Available Now From

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