A Look At LEGO… Wolverine

Following the surprisingly popular look at Deadpool’s LEGO® history, it’s only fitting that his movie buddy Wolverine also becomes the subject of his own LEGO lookback. Just like Wade Wilson, Logan’s LEGO journey began in 2012 as part of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set, 6866: Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown. He was joined by the Merc with a Mouth and metal manipulator Magneto.



A couple of years later, Wolverine returned in the first incarnation of the X-Jet in set 76022: X-Men vs. The Sentinel. The LEGO recreation of the X-Men’s iconic mode of transportation was joined by a mutant-hunting robot along with Storm and Magneto. This was the first LEGO version of Wolverine to feature his cowl. Logan was also wearing his yellow and brown outfit, making this another unique version of the character. The same minifigure was also featured on a magnet released in 2017.



In 2016 a great collection of superhero-themed mini-sets was introduced called Mighty Micros. These paired two different comic book characters and pitted them against each other in a funky little vehicle. As part of the 2017 wave of Mighty Micros, Wolverine faced off against the Brotherhood of Mutant’s leader Magneto. The minifigures featured in these sets were a little more cartooney, with Wolverine’s being both cute and angry.


With Fox owning the Mutant characters of the Marvel universe, they never became part of the MCU. Many of the LEGO Marvel sets were focused on the characters and films released through Disney and Marvel Studios. This saw Wolverine and the mutants not featured in a LEGO set again until 2022. With news, the X-Men would return in a direct follow-up to the much-loved animated series from the 90’s, Wolverine became one of the Marvel Mechs. The minifigure blended the suit of the very first minifigure Wolverine with the cowl, first used in 2014.

76202 Wolvering Mech

In 2023, characters from X-Men ’97 were included in the second series of LEGO Marvel Minifigures. Wolverine was one of the 12 characters featured in the series and it currently remains the best version of the character thanks to the detailed printing.


2023 turned out to be a great year for Wolverine as he also inspired one of the new Marvel Construction Figures. Joining the likes of Captain America, Venom and Spider-Man, these buildable characters were the perfect platform to recreate Wolverine, although his claws were a little too long, it’s still a great take on the character.


Talking of claws, Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws became the subject of the latest buildable Marvel prop in 2023 as well. Also inspired by the X-Men ’97 animated series coming to Disney+, the build focused on a blue-gloved hand with a trio of Adamantium claws drawn and ready to fight.

Wolverine's Adamantium Claws 2

Earlier this year a new version of the X-Jet was released. Unfortunately, the set suffers from an inflated RRP and the Wolverine minifigure isn’t as impressive as the version featured in the minifigure series. Still, it’s nice to have sets inspired by an exciting new era of the MCU.


Rumours suggest, the Mutants are set to return later this year in a recreation of the X-Mansion, which could see Logan make another appearance along with other mutant-kind. He will also star in a brand new game from Insomniac Games, which could lead to even more LEGO appearances for the character, in a similar fashion to how Miles Morales and Venom started to appear in more sets after appearing in PlayStation games.

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