76991: Tails’ Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

In 1992, Sonic joined forces with a young fox called Miles ‘Tails’ Prower as visiting West Side Island in Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Sonic reached the island using his trusty little plane, which later becomes synonymous with Tails more than Sonic. The plane has since appeared in many Sonic adventures including games, cartoons and the second live-action Sonic movie. Tails is also quite the inventor has tinkers on his various gadgets in his own little workshop. Both of these elements are featured in the smallest of the upcoming LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog sets. So as SEGA marks the 32nd anniversary since Sonic debuted in western countries, here’s a closer look at Tails’ Tornado Plane and Workshop.

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

Product Details

Set Name: Tails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane | Set Number: 76991 | Pieces: 376 | Theme: Sonic the Hedgehog

RRP: £37.99/$39.99/42.99€ | Number of Bags: Bags x 3 | Instructions: Paper booklet + Builder App Characters: Sonic, Tails, a Clucky & Buzz Bomber Badnik

Availability: LEGO Stores, LEGO Online & General Retail from August 1st


The Tornado plane first appeared in Sonic 2 and was used by Sonic to get to Tails’ island. Although it’s Sonic’s plane, Tails is often found flying it, which is why this set calls it his plane. The version found in this set is based on the very first appearance of the plane from the second Sonic game. It mostly red, with white and grey trim. It also features a little detail from other versions of the plane. So on the tail fin, you’ll find a pair of printed 2×2 round tiles, which feature Tails’ two tails logo. There a little area on the wing which kind of makes the set seem it’s missing a piece but this is actually a place to stand a minifigure.

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

As the Sonic games have progress, they have expanded upon Sonic’s history and introduced new characters and locations. As Tails appeared in more games, it was established he was a whiz at creating various contraptions. This are created in his workshop. The workshop features in the set isn’t really based on any particular game or animated series. It does feature various tools and equipment you’d expect to find in a workshop. There’s also a small yellow device, which looks very much like the device Tails uses in the second live-action Sonic film.

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

There’s a couple of additional buildable elements connected to the workshop. This include a tool chest and a lounger. I really don’t get why each set features something to relax on, although it does remind me a little of the 90’s Sonic cartoon.

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

The set includes two minifigures, one animal element and a brick-built Badnik. Sonic is a slight variant to the version found in most of the other Sonic sets. This one features Sonic giving a cheeky wink. The Tails minifigure is doesn’t offer any sort of differences to the version found in the Amy’s Animal Rescue Island set. If you’re only interested in adding Sonic and Tails to  your collection, this is best set to go for as it’s the cheapest and the only one to feature them both. There’s only one of the island critters Sonic rescues, in this set although it is unique. Finally, the set includes the only flying Badnik, in the form of the angry, diving insect-like Buzz Bomber. Because it’s flying enemy, it’s mounted on a transparent stand. You can also remove the container in the Buzz Bomber’s stinger so that you pop the little Clucky animal in there.

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review


It’s a fun little set to build, especially the plane. It also features the best of the Badniks, I particularly like how the Buzz Bomber has been shaped to capture its in-game stance. The workshop has a few nice details, such as the nod to the last Sonic movie, but overall the set lacks any play features. Although the plane alone does make a decent display piece when combined with the Sonic and Tails minifigures. I would say it seems to have a rather high price point it feels like it should be a little lower in price.

76991: Tails' Workshop & Tornado Plane Set Review

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