71770: Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

We’ve had a bike, we’ve had a car-type thing so now it’s time to take the sky with a jet. Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet is another of the new sets to be infused with the power of the dragons. It’s also one of the smaller sets in the wave, as well as featuring another of the ninja in a Golden Dragon Suit and the return of a villain from NINJAGO past. So here’s another early look at an upcoming LEGO NINJAGO set and my review of Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet.

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

Product Details

The LEGO® NINJAGO® Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet (71770) playset lets kids aged 7+ recreate all-action scenes from the NINJAGO: Crystallized TV series. The impressive NINJAGO jet features a cockpit to place ninja minifigures, plus extending golden wings that make it look like a flying ninja star.

Inspire kids’ passion for ninja with this fantastic playset
This ninja building set includes 3 minifigures: Golden Dragon Cole, with a pair of golden dragon wings adorned with spikes, Golden Zane and General Vangelis to play out gripping battles between the forces of good and evil in NINJAGO City.

Popular toys for little ninja
NINJAGO toys transport kids into a thrilling world of fantasy action where they can team up with Cole, Kai, Nya and all the ninja crew to take on a dangerous cast of villains and play out adventures with an extensive collection of mechs, cars, dragons and temples.

  • Set Name: Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet
  • Set Number: 71770
  • Pieces: 258
  • RRP: £24.99/$29.99/29.99€
  • Number of Bags: Bags x 3 + loose elements
  • Stickers: Sheet x 1
  • Minifigures: Golden Zane, Golden Dragon Cole & General Vangelis
  • Instructions: Booklet x 1 + LEGO Building Instructions App
  • Availability: LEGO Stores, LEGO Online & General Release from June 1st


Being a fairly small set, it split across three bags as well as a bag of golden weapons. If you happen to buy a few sets from this new wave, you’ll end up with plenty of spares. It also has a tiny sticker sheet and the oddly hated ‘minimal’ instruction booklet. Inside still provides the step-by-step instructions; it just has an unexciting cover.

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

As well as being the elemental master of ice, Zane has piloted a few different vehicles including mechs, dragons and tanks. Flying vehicles are a little less common apart from the odd helicopter. So a jet is something a little unique. It’s built-in two sections but not so it can be split apart but to help with the overall shape of the jet. It reminds me a little of the X-Jet used by the X-Men. With the front cab section being connected to the rest of the jet via a couple of ball joints, it slopes at a slight angle.

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

However, it’s the rear section of the jet which houses a sleek play feature. Pushing the back section of the jet toward the cockpit area, causes it to open out to reveal another pair of blade-like wings. All four blades make an almost X shape and it completely changes the size of the jet. It’s a simple motion but adds an extra level of fun to the set. There’s enough room to slot one Minifigure into the cockpit. This is where you’ll also find another of the dragon-shaped bonnets pieces. Other interesting pieces are the crown with blade elements, these were used in many past NINJAGO sets since 2012. Here they are mounted in each wing and they add a flash of blue against the white and lots of gold trim.

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

With the vehicle being tied to Zane, it’s no surprise he’s included in the set. Here he is wearing what’s known as his Golden Robes. This is basically the standard outfit for the ninja in the Crystalized season. The best of the outfit is white, but it features a large amount of gold detailing, including a mainly gold-coloured hood. Zane is joined by Cole in his Golden Dragon form. Apart from the torso, Golden Dragon Cole is mostly constructed of transparent pieces, these go especially well with the print detail on the torso, which also flows on the legs. The dragon-like hood and wings complete the look. The wings are very disappointing on Cole. They aren’t anything like the promotional images and they have very little transparent orange on them.

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

There’s only one villain in this set, but it’s a good one. General Vangelis is another past foe of the Master of Spinjitzu and one brought back thanks to the Crystal King. Vangelis fought the ninja during Season 13. As the Skull Scorer, he has a rather unique appearance which is mostly translated into this Crystalized form. So he’s wearing his menacing mask and Kasa-syle hat, as well as his monstrous wings. His shoulder armour has been crystalized and his outfit is similar to the rest of the Vengestone Army. It would have been rather cool if the wings were also transparent pink.

71770: Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Set Review

Review Round-up

Although a smaller set, it’s actually just as fun to both build and play with. The function which switches out the rear section is a clever technique and very satisfying to use. All three minifigures are very cool, especially Cole and Vangelis, however, I still don’t get why the Dragon wings look so much different to the instructions/packaging. 


+ Three great minifigures
+ Simple build but looks great
+ Interesting play feature


– Dragon Suit wings are not as pictured on the box

Coming June 1st: UKIrelandUSCanadaGermanyDenmarkAustraliaNew Zealand

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