71024: LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 2 Review

Disney and LEGO® have a run long running partnership, in fact Disney was the very first licensed LEGO toy, back when things were a little more wooden. That partnership has endured over the years with numerous Disney brands translating into exciting new LEGO themes and sets. Then back in 2016 the first series of LEGO® Disney Minifigures were released and were an instant success. They appealed to both fans of LEGO and fans of Disney, making them very sought after. Their success took everyone by surprise including LEGO, who have taken 3 years to follow up them up with an all-new second series of characters. The upcoming series features 18 more characters to collect from Disney and Pixar’s vast array of iconic characters.

The blue colour scheme continues from the first series although it’s ever so slightly lighter. Also the new style packaging is used. This was introduced with the current LEGO Movie 2 collection. So packets are made from a thinner foil and depending on the characters, elements are either loose in the outer packet or double bagged in a smaller clear bag, with the baseplate and materials loose in the packet. The Minifigures are now packages in Billund, hence the change to accommodate existing packaging lines. I’m in two minds if I like these new packets, in one sense they are a little easier to feel through the packet, but they feel cheaper and can easily tear where the hook hole is.

Check sheets are also a little different, printed on a more environmentally friendly paper, which is thinner than before and features both a visual character checklist and build guide for some of the characters.

LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 2 Review

Vintage Mickey

One of Mickey’s first appearances was in the 1928 black and white cartoon Steamboat Willie. This is his fourth Minifigure appearance and you may have seen this vintage version in the upcoming Ideas set. Although similar, this version doesn’t feature the pearl colouring. He does however have the new hat element, which connects via a small hole, so will have limited use elsewhere. The rest of the Minifigure uses the same pieces as other Mickey’s use in monochrome colours. Despite the black and white colouring, printing is sharp, greatly helped by the dual moulded legs, so not needing as much of the white printing on top of a dark surface. Mickey comes complete with a huge ships wheel, which does look a little odd without it being connected to anything. Although it’s a nice nod back to Fabuland, and the Mickey Mouse sets which repurposed many of its elements.

Vintage Minnie

Just like Mickey, this is Minnie’s fourth Minifigure appearance and she too is similar to the version in the LEGO Ideas set, minus the pearl coloured elements. Also like Mickey, Minnie has a new hat element which also connect to the hole in the top of the head. It’s a fun little vintage style hat, which I’m sure will find its way into the LEGO Friends line. Apart from the new hat, Minnie uses the same elements has past variants just recoloured. Her accessory is a toilet seat, which I assume is actually a life saver device.


In the late 80s and early 90s kids TV was treated to the golden age of Disney cartoons. One of the most loved series was DuckTales which featured Scrooge McDuck and his adventurous nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. In Minifigure form they are basically the exact same Minifigure just in different colours and with different accessories. Each character uses a new moulded head and the same ducktail element as Donald and Daisy from Series 1. They all have the same dual mould short legs, which look great. They also have plain torsos and a new cap element, which once again connects via a hole. These all come in red, blue and green.



Apart from the colours each of the ducklings have their own accessory. Huey has his Junior Woodchuck’s Guidebook, made up of a lime green book component, with print detail on the cover and inside is a 1×2 printed tile showing a compass. Dewey has a slingshot elements introduced with fellow Disney Minifigure Bart Simpson. Finally Louie has a simple touch, made of a saber hilt and yellow flat stud. All three characters do a great job of capturing the look at the characters from their appearances in early shirts to the original and rebooted series of DuckTales.

Scrooge McDuck

You cannae have Huey, Dewey and Louie without someone to keep them in check, so Uncle Scrooge McDuck is here. The money loving adventurer, appeared in Disney comic strips before making a name for himself as the no nonsense billionaire in the DuckTales cartoons. As with his fellow Minifigure ducks, Scrooge has a unique new mould head element, with another pin hole connecting hat. All these hats are very cool but have limited use elsewhere due to the connection type. There are more dual moulded legs, with some nice print detail around the feet. The ducktail element is also the same piece used on others, just with the sections connecting around the legs, coloured blue to match the legs and torso. A simple brown rod is used as a walking stick and he wouldn’t be complete with a 1×1 flat tile printed to represent a coin.


Just like the DuckTales crew, kids of a certain age will have fond memories of the loveable chipmunks Chip & Dale. These little scamps have also appeared in Disney shorts before being repurposed for the classic series Rescue Rangers. Unfortunately they don’t appear in their RR costumes instead going all natural. Chip can be distinguished from Dale thanks to his dark ‘chocolate chip’ nose and slightly darker colour. I really like the use of the new ‘teen’ legs instead of the fixed short legs. Print detail is limited but I do like the little tail printed on the rear of the torso. Chip comes with an acorn, made from the blank Mandrake element last seen in the Harry Potter LMFs.


Dale is the cheekier of the two chipmunks and has a new moulded head element like Chip. However it’s complete different to Chips. I love the fact they haven’t tried to mangle two different character from the same headpiece, just slapping different print detail on them. Dale has a larger nose, buck teeth and a little tuft of hair. I’m not normally a fan of moulded heads, but I adore these two chipmunks ones. Dale is a little lighter in colour than Dale and comes with a simple sack element, no doubt, it’s filled with nuts.


Frozen has become a phenomenon since hitting cinemas in 2016. It’s female leads have appeared in LEGO form before, but here they debut as Minifigures. I’ve been a Disney fan since I was but a lad and although my journeys to the magical kingdom have been a little less often then when I was younger even I appreciate the magic of Frozen. Elsa looks amazing in Minifigure form, with outstanding print detail on her torso, front, back and on her arms. The updated curved skirt base works great for female characters (or man who enjoy dresses). Her new hair piece matches the animated version perfectly, this is made from the rubbery material often used on LEGO Friends Mini-dolls. Her magical robes are also quite special, with a new cut material piece featuring shiney snowflakes. Her trans blue snowflake is a nice, touch but it’s just too big.


You can’t have the ice queen without her sandwich loving little sister. Anna is just as impressive in her Minifigure form as her sister. Anna uses the new skirt base element, which has some nice print detail on the front, but it’s her torso with is the real treat. This has some great print detail on the front and back, although this is partly obscured by her cape, which is nicely held down by her unique hairpiece. This is similar to Dorothy’s from The LEGO Movie 2 series, and made from the rubbery material. Just like Elsa’s, Anna’s hair is a perfect match for the character, although there is a slight gap between the hair and the head, on the right hand side. Anna has a lantern accessory made from the new lantern cage and a 1×1 yellow tube brick. Anna has a great double face, with a cheeky wink on one side and a smile on the other, I love the little freckles as well.


With the live action Aladdin movie heading to cinemas this summer, it was only to be expected that the series would feature more characters from Agrabah. Joining Aladdin and Genie from Series 1 is the menacing Grand Vizier of royal court Jafar. His flowing cloak is achieved with the curved skirt base and a dual coloured cape. Shoulder pads and a snake staff from the NINJAGO range work perfectly for the character which is finished off with a new turban hat. Although print detail is limited on the torso, it flows nicely with the rest of the outfit. I also like he menacing smirk and evil stare. The big let down of this Minifigure is the lack of Lago. This could easily have been an existing parrot element with print detail.

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan and she’s appeared before as a Mini-doll in the Disney Princess range. The hair piece for the Mini-doll is the reused here. Print detail on the torso is nice, although the printed skin tone on the blue of the torso is a little off against the colour of the arms and head. Jasmine comes with a cute little bird element. It’s not one of the most exciting characters in the series but ties nicely to the past series.


Hades is the god of the underworld and the main antagonist in Disney’s Hercules. His unique look has been captured well thanks to the tentacle base and his blue flamed head. This is the same used for Ghost Rider, with the orange flame switched to blue. His expression is a little cheesy, and more cartooney than others in the series. I like that the print detail on the torso continues onto the base section and matches up quite well.


The animation style of Hercules makes translating him into a Minifigure a little tricky, but it just about works. The print detail is incredible, with Hercules amour captured well. I especially like the little lighting bolt symbol on his belt, the same design is featured on his shield. As mentioned, Hercules art style is tricky to pull off in the Minifigure form, but the result is surprisingly good, especially the epic quiff hair piece.


Sally is a humanoid ragdoll created by Dr. Finkelstein. Who is made of various pieces stitched together, with dead leaves used as stuffing. As with Hercules, the source artstyle is hard to pull off in Minifigure form, but the essence of the character is has been captured quite well. I like the use of different coloured materials for the legs and arms. Combined with the patchwork print detail, Sally is fun looking fan favourite character.

Jack Skellington

Jack is the star of the cult classic stop-motion movie from Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Pumpkin King fairs a little better than Sally does. Again the source art style doesn’t lend itself to the Minifigure form very well, but again the essence of the character is there. Jack’s print detail is quite eye catching and covers everywhere apart from the back of the legs, which are covered by a material coat tails. I really like the funky batwing bow tie and Jack’s box of snowflakes. This uses the new box element from the 40th anniversary series with snowflakes printed on trans 1×1 rounded flat tiles. The character may not appeal to all, but it’s still an impressive looking character.

Edna Mode

This isn’t Edna’s first Minifigure appearance, for those who purchased the Minifigure Edition of the LEGO Incredibles game, that came with a version of Edna Minifigure. However this version has an brand new hair/glasses element. The physical game version looked with odd the an short bowl cut hairpiece and her glasses printed onto the head. Oddly the digital version of Edna used this new hair element. Which is a much better take on the character’s unique style. She also includes a new cup element and a fashionable bag with has a fun 2×1 printed plate, featuring Edna’s fashion brand.


When the LEGO Juniors sets based on Incredibles 2 arrived, fans were disappointed to see no Frozen. Many had hoped the videogame exclusive Minifigure would be Lucius Best. So his inclusion here has many LEGO fans excited and rightly so, as it’s a great Minifigure. Frozone’s super suit lends itself well to the Minifigure style, with the new action blast elements making perfect ice blasts. A new disc element is used as Frozone’s board, this was introduced in The LEGO Batman Movie theme but hasn’t really been used much since. This is nicely raised from the ground with a 1×2 single stud plate. I’m glad we finally has Frozone to join the rest of the Incredibles cast.


I quite enjoyed the first series of LEGO Disney Minifigures, but I have to say when the second series was first revealed I didn’t think much of the character line-up. But once seeing them up close I actually quite like them. There are a few disappointments, such has similar Mickey and Minnie. A The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey would of been a much better choice. However these were created before the Steamboat Willie set. I would of also like to have Chip & Dale in their Indiana Jones, Magnum P.I. Rescue Rangers outfits. I think my favourite characters are Elsa and Anna, their print detail, expressions, hair pieces and capes are really well done. I also like the various new hats, but as previously mentioned, their connection points make them useless for use with standard Minifigure heads. I can see these being another popular series and I hope we get a third wave in a few years time, as there are still plenty of Disney and Pixar characters to tap into.

The LEGO Disney Series 2 Minifigures have been provided to BricksFanz by the LEGO Group for purposes of review. This does not result in a favourable review. Impressions within this review of those of BricksFanz and not the LEGO Group.

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