42127: The Batman Batmobile Technic Set Review

Iconic movie vehicles are commonplace in the LEGO® for Adults or Creator Expert theme. Plenty of famous brands have lent their names to various Technic builds. But the two haven’t really combined until the Fast & Furious set. This was one of the first Technic vehicles to be inspired by the movie world as opposed to the real world cars or construction vehicles. From the feedback I’ve seen, Dom’s Dodge Charger wasn’t the greatest of sets, so can the appeal of Batman do any better? The Batmobile, in its various guises, is a vehicle very much influenced by the era of introduction. Past Batmobiles have been rather flamboyant with The Dark Knight going down the military prototype route for its take on Batman’s wheels. The Batman’s Batmobile is far more grounded, which makes it a perfect match for the style of build associated with Technic. But does it offer an interesting build and what’s the finished model like?


Product Details

Super-hero fans will enjoy a thrilling challenge as they build the iconic BATMOBILE™ car in LEGO® Technic™ form. Inspired by the latest version of the BATMOBILE from the 2022 THE BATMAN movie, this highly detailed toy car building set features a true-to-life design and is packed with hot features. 

Light up the night
The model includes 2 light bricks – 1 red and 1 yellow. The red light adds an awesome glow to the transparent toy engine at the back, while the yellow brick lights up the front grille. Other cool features include steering on the front wheels, differential on the rear wheels, a spinning flame, plus opening doors and bonnet. Kids will love exploring the model before placing it on display in tribute to their favourite super hero.

  • Set Number: 42127
  • Pieces: 1360
  • RRP: £89.99/$89.99/89.99€
  • Number of Bags: Bags x 7 + additional elements
  • Stickers: Sheet x 1
  • Instructions: Booklet x 1 + LEGO Building Instructions App
  • Availability: LEGO Stores, LEGO Online & General Retail

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The set features 7 numbered bags, along with a bag of wheel arches, tyres and rims. As well as a very small sheet of stickers. These are used to add detail to the interior of the Batmobile. There’s also a single instruction booklet, which can also be found on the LEGO Instructions App in PDF format.

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As with many Technic builds, the construction of the Batmobile begins from the inside and with the chassis. But unlike the equivalent LEGO System sets, much of the vehicle’s detail is built as sections that are then added to the core of the set. This allows sets to have unique details and working parts. This is both a source of wonder and frustration. Building Technic sets always have an air of danger about them. Especially the larger builds and that sentiment is partly the case with the Batmobile. It has an 8 cylinder engine, which is connected to the rear wheels as well as the rear blue-flames exhaust. This is the only part of the build, I had to put together a couple of times before I got it right. This is not because of poor design of the set or its instructions, it’s just getting the elements to set right. If the moving parts of the engine are not fitted into the engine case correctly, they won’t allow the gears to turn. Once fully complete it will also cause the rear wheels to lock and the spinning exhaust to stick.

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The set also includes two Light Bricks and they are even different colours. One is mounted under the bonnet and the other is within the engine in the rear of the Batmobile. Activating them both is nicely done, with the yellow light in the bonnet, activated by a little lever inside the car and the one in the engine can be lit by pushing down on the steering gear on the roof of the car. This means it naturally illuminates when the car is being moved as the steering mechanism is used. The fact the engine case uses clear elements also means the red light seeps nicely through the back of the car.

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Would it be a better-looking car if it was created as part of the LEGO for Adults/Creator Expert line? In all honesty probably yes, Technic elements offer both a limiting build style but also a highly complex build. It may have looked a little more complete if built with System bricks, but in all honesty, it would have lost the functional aspect of the build and that is the set’s strong point. Plus the appearance of the new Batmobile lends itself well to the style of build offered by Technic. It’s also a great starter set for someone who wishes to experience a Technic build but could be daunted by some of the larger, more complex sets. Because it includes a basic gear system and other simple working parts such as the opening doors and bonnet. Plus it’s not too expensive, with a price point similar to other similar scale LEGO vehicles. I’d certainly be interested in seeing other vehicles from entertainment brands become future Technic sets.

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Review Round-up

Technic sets offer a very different build experience and one everyone should attempt at least once. Seeing how sections combine to create working elements is very satisfying yet Technic sets also have an air of danger to them. Place one element in the wrong place and it can affect the whole build, but this is part of the fun of Technic builds. The style of the new Batmobile matches nicely with Technic and I’d certainly like to see more ‘entertainment’ inspired sets int the future.


+ Two different coloured Light Bricks
+ Simple yet fun functional features
+ Style of the Technic elements works nicely for the gnarly look of the Batmobile 


– Instructions can make it hard to place where sections connect
– ‘Working’ parts can be difficult to test until the build is complete 

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