41175: LEGO Unikitty! Collectible Figures Review

The overexcited and emotionally charged break-out star of The LEGO® Movie, Unikitty, made her return to the world of LEGO® this year in her own animated TV show. The new Cartoon Network series, follows the adventures of Unikitty and her colourful cast of chums. As well as range of new LEGO sets, the show is also being supported by a series of buildable LEGO figures. Series 1 includes 12 different versions of Unikitty and her little bro, Prince Puppycorn. Getting them all won’t be easy, as they are all fairly similar in design and come in blind bags. We’ve managed to track down a full set and thought we’d take a closer look at them all.

The Build

Each character comprises of 14 elements and a special display base. There are three different styles of builds – Unikitty, Puppycorn and a sitting version of Unikitty. Although there is a slight difference between these in term of build and part use, the major difference is the colourful array of designs. The design of Unikitty is almost exactly the same of those who appeared in the various LEGO Movie sets. However a new element has been introduced to strengthen the connection between the body and the head. There’s also a new element used for Puppycorn’s ears and a brand new cloud shaped base plate.



Unikitty is a fun character, which is definitely portrayed with the colourful designs included across the 12 individual characters found in Series 1. Print design is great and more cartoony than the original design of Unikitty from the movie sets. Although the colouring of some of the white areas of the characters features, does look a little washed out thanks to the white being printed onto a pink surface. However the other elements are far more vibrant that their equivalent pieces on the original Unikitty. Puppycorn is a nice addition and the new mini shield looking elements used for his ears are fun.

It’s also nice to see a special baseplate created for the series. This adds an extra bit of fun to each character and is a nice link to Unikitty’s original home, Cloud Cuckoo Land from The LEGO Movie. The only issue is the difficulty in getting them all. Due to the similar elements used for each figure, it’s near on impossible to work out which character you’ll be getting. Apart form the differences between normal and sitting Unikitty, as well as Puppycorn, it really is potluck. Which could also turn out to be a costly pursuit, as each bag costs £3.50 each. You’ll find the Unikitty! Collectible Figures exclusively in Tesco stores in the UK. The are expected to launch elsewhere from August 1st.

Author: Adam White

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  1. I’ve resisted the urge to buy these, but they do look cute. What’s perhaps most impressive is that many of the parts have been printed on two or three sides which is not commonplace.

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    • They are quite cool, and had all the other version so had to get these. Print detail is very good as you said. Even down to the little eyebrow on some of the 1×3 plates.

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  2. I think that in a box there are 60 bags that can be 5 complete series per box, do you know if this is the case and does not come any repeated per box?

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    • Yep 60 in a box but definitely not 5 complete series in a box. I bought an almost full box (12 had been purchased) and didn’t get a even get one full set

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  3. I managed to pick up 11 of the 12 on eBay sealed in the inner bags for about £16. Only missing Rainbow Unikitty.
    I’ve got a few unique custom Unikitties too. Big unikitty fan. I’ve never collected Lego until Unikitty.
    Now I need to track down more of these cloud bases for my custom kitties and the ones from the Lego Movie.
    Any ideas where I might find them?

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    • You may find the bases on Bricklink. Although there aren’t many UK sellers

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