76125: LEGO Avengers Iron Man Hall Of Armour Set Review

With LEGO® celebrating the last 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by giving away a cool little Avengers Tower set, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at one of the latest LEGO Marvel sets, based on Avengers: Endgame. Iron Man has been an integral part of the MCU, kicking off the whole thing with Iron Man in 2008. Tony Stark has dabbled with various variants of his Iron Man suits over a number of movies, famously destroying them all Iron Man 3. But before he did they were neatly displayed in a cool hall of armour. Which is the subject of the set I’m taking a look at today. This is the largest number of Iron Man suits to be featured in a single set, but how does the whole thing shape up? Let’s take a closer look at set 76125: Iron Man Hall of Armour

Product Description

Conduct experiments with Tony Stark and capture the Outriders with the LEGO® Marvel Avengers 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armor, featuring a modular lab that can be combined and stacked in many different ways for endless play possibilities. The hall includes a rotating podium with 2 posable robotic arms for Tony Stark to get suited up as Iron Man, a desk, kitchen, weapon storage, tool storage and Iron Man suit storage modules, a radar dish and more. This versatile Iron Man construction toy includes a posable Igor Suit mech with minifigure cockpit, a posable mobile robot and 6 minifigures—including Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41 and Iron Man MK 50, plus Tony Stark face and hair elements to attach to your chosen Iron Man minifigure.

  • Set Name: Iron Man Hall of Armour
  • Set Number: 76125
  • Pieces: 524
  • RRP: £54.99/$64.99/€64.99
  • Measurements: 13cm high, 35cm wide and 17cm deep
  • Minifigures: Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41, Iron Man MK 50 and 2 Outriders.
  • Availability: LEGO Brand Store, shop.LEGO.com and all good LEGO retailers

The Set

Despite Tony’s collection of Iron Man suits being an important element of the MCU, this is the first time his suit display has been recreated in a LEGO set. It’s also the largest collection of suits to be featured in a single set. I’m surprised it’s taken so long for a detailed set of Tony’s workshop to appear in LEGO. It was partly featured in set 76007: Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack. Without seeing Endgame, it’s tricky to see how the location will fit into the story, but there are strong hints towards some sort of time travel occurring in the movie, so this may take us back to before Tony imploded his suits. The set features nine modular sections, each of which can hold one standard suit of Iron Man armour. Three of these have a graphic detail, provided by stickers. These show the Mark V and Mark XXV suits as well as detailing the House Party Protocol. Each of these sections are near identical, apart from those sticker details and a few buildable accessories like a jetpack stand, smoothie maker and an odd section to display Tony’s hair.

Along with the armour display units, there is a central section, where armour can be constructed around Tony. The podium section can be spun around and also features two robotic arms to help Tony de-suit. This also features Tony’s workstation, complete with a bank of computer screens. Just like some of the windows section, these also feature graph detail via stickers. These is a nice little nod to the first Iron Man films, as a Minifigure who looks very much like Phil Coulson is shown as being blocked on one screen. This could also be a hint towards the movie possible time shifts.

Another fun little part of the build is Tony’s loyal robotic assisted Dum-E. Dum-E is generally used to help with Tony build his creations as well as being on hold to put out any fires, which is captured nicely in the set. Dum-E is even sporting his dunce’s cap. It’s only a small part of the set but it’s one of my favourite parts. It would of been nice to have U included as well, but it would be easy enough to build a second one.

One of the cool things about the set is that it’s completely modular, each of the armour bays clip together but they can also be stacked or lined up. The various accessory sections can be moved around and even the central podium can be connected to the front or rear of the display bays. It also means that multiple sets can be combined to create a bigger Hall of Armour. Something people have been ‘MOCing’ for as long as there has been Iron Man sets. Which makes it a clever move by LEGO, the set is already going to be popular thanks to the various suits it includes and the ability to display them along with others from past sets. Making it modular, will definitely result in people purchasing multiple sets.

The Minifigures

The set includes a total of six Minifigures, four of which are Iron Man suits. These include the MK 1, MK 5, MK 41 and MK 50 suits. The MK 50 suit has previously appeared the Infinity War sets and is the only suit to also feature a head. This has a double-sided face print, including a rather cool version which features the suits HUD overlay. The other three suits each feature a transparent head piece, which can easily be swapped with Tony’s head. Since the very first LEGO Marvel started to feature Iron Man suits, people have been clamouring for Tony’s very first suit the MK 1, which he built while imprisoned in a cave. This suit uses the recent helmet variant, which was used for a couple of Marvel sets in 2017. Although this doesn’t have the opening faceplate, it works impressively well for Stark’s maiden suit. In fact the whole suit is really quite cool, I particularly love the print detail on the rear, which you can just make out Stark Industries logo from the scrap used to build the it. The Mk 41 suit is also an unusual variant of the familiar Iron Man suit. Also known as ‘Bones’ the MK 41 suit has a black and gold scheme. The print detail is amazing and it’s nice to have a suit that’s only briefly seen on seen in Iron Man 3. Finally is the MK 5 suit or the Suitcase Armour. This first appeared in the famous Monaco Grand Prix scene in Iron Man 3. Although the helmet is spot on, the torso isn’t silver enough.

As well as the Minifigure suits, the set includes a brick-built version of the heavy lifting MK 38 suit more commonly known as Igor. The suit made it’s MCU debut in Iron Man 3 during the House Party Protocol. Although it’s a little more blocky than the movie version it’s a nice little build. The face section is a printed tile, with the other details on the arms and legs being stickers. You can flip up the head section and drop down the front, in order to place a Minifigure within the suit. You can get some nice poses going on thanks to the micro ball joints. I’ve seen a few people say, the MK 38 would be better as a BigFig, but I’m not so sure, this is a decent enough take on the armour.

For many, the set will be worth it purely to expand their Iron Man suit collection and those included are a nice way of filling in some of the gaps from past sets. I really like the MK 1 but my favourite is ‘Bones’, the gold and black just looks so cool and it’s a great recreation of the movie version. The MK 5 is the least impressive due to the lack of silver detail on the torso.

As well as the Iron Man suit Minifigures, the set also features a pair of Outriders. These are the monstrous creatures Thanos and the Black Order unleash upon Wakenda in Infinity War. The Minifigures are exactly the same as those included various Infinity War sets. Print detail is limited to the head and torso, with the Outriders multiple arms created with the new clip backpack. Although not an overly exciting Minifigure, I do like the ways the arms have been done, they are also strong enough to hold items and be used to clip the Minifigure to things.


When the Endgame sets were first teased, the possibility of a Hall of Armour excited quite a few people. There are numerous MOCs which have recreated Tony’s workshop and his ever growing collection of suits. I’m intrigued to see how this plays out in Endgame. The area was last seen in Iron Man 3, this isn’t merely a set from that era of the MCU, due to the Outriders. So either Tony has rebuilt his workshop or there are some time-based shenanigans afoot in the penultimate conclusion of the Infinity Saga. I quite like the modular design of the set, making it really easy to create your own configurations, as well as combining it with multiple sets. I would have liked to have seen an additional Iron Man suit in place of the Outriders, although their presence in the set may be more impactful once I’ve seen Endgame. All in all, this is a decent set, the build is a little repetitive, but then bits like the Igor Suit and Dum-E builds add a little variety to the overall build. The suit selection is a nice way to add some of the most requested Iron Man variants to the Marvel Minifigure line-up.

This set was provided by the LEGO UK PR team at Mischief. The thoughts expressed within this review do not reflect those of the LEGO Group, Marvel Studios or Disney.

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