40380: Easter Sheep LEGO BrickHeadz Review

For the last few years LEGO® have celebrated various seasonal events with a BrickHeadz set. So far this year we’ve had the Lucky Cat for Chinese New Year and a bear for Valentine’s Day. For Easter, a jolly spring lamb has been chosen to mark the Springtime holiday. The Easter Sheep is third creature to be transformed into a BrickHeadz build for Easter. But is it a worthy alternative to chocolate eggs? Here’s my review of the LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Sheep.

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review

Product Description

Looking for a unique gift for Easter Sunday 2020? Then check out this lovable LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Easter Sheep (40380). With a colorful tulip growing at one side and 2 Easter eggs at the other, the super-cute sheep is using a paint pot and brush to color the eggs. No wonder there are paint splashes on its wool! Standing on a sturdy baseplate, the Easter Sheep is a fun, lasting gift idea for him, her, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife… at any time of year!

  • Set Name: Easter Sheep
  • Set Number: 40380
  • Pieces: 192
  • RRP: £9.99/$9.99/€9.99
  • Measurements: over 8cm tall
  • Availability: LEGO Brand Stores & LEGO.com

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review

The Build

If you’re not familiar with the LEGO BrickHeadz, they are all based around a similar core design. A series of special 1x2x2 are combined with System bricks to create a stylised character. This is then adorned by various elements to create a series of different characters. The Easter Sheep is no different, the inner structure is the same, complete with the pink brick ‘brain’, this is then clad in various white plates. In order to achieve the sheep’s woolly coat, a combination 1×1 studs, flat round tiles and smaller plates are used to give the sheep some texture. You’ll also notice there are a couple of orange studs, these are splashes of paint from the brush the sheep is holding.

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review

This years seasonal BrickHeadz continue to come with a buildable display stand, although they are a little less detailed than previous ones. The Easter Sheep’s stand includes a couple of eggs, a small spring flower and pot of paint, the sheep is messily using to paint eggs. I’m not sure why LEGO choose to stop including printed display plates for all BrickHeadz, including the seasonal ones But as these more recent ones don’t feature them, displaying them alongside older ones shows off the difference, which is a little annoying.

40380: Easter Sheep BrickHeadz Review


After the Easter Bunny and Easter Chick, there aren’t that many animals left to represent Easter, but I think I like the Sheep the most. It’s an almost completely white animal, which isn’t that exciting but the textured surface of its woolly fleece is nicely done. I also the flick of hair achieved by a Unikitty tail. Sheep often have black skin but I think the none woolly bits work nicely in grey. The display section is a little sparse but the bright colours of the eggs and flower are a nice contrast to the muted colour of the sheep. Although it contains at lot more pieces than the average BrickHeadz set, that’s largely down to all those 1×1 elements. It’s certainly a nice alternative to sweets this Easter, maybe not as tasty but will certainly last longer.

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