World Book Day: Best LEGO Books To Buy

Happy World Book Day, today is a day to celebrate getting into a great book and fuelling your imagination. But you don’t need to spend a couple of years trudging through a copy of War and Peace, as there are plenty of other books out there which can inspire in other ways. These include the extensive range of LEGO® titles from DK Books. Just like a good book, a LEGO brick can take you anywhere your imagination will allow you. These LEGO books are filled with build ideas and intersting facts about the bricks we love so much. If your LEGO loving little ones have been given a World Book Day voucher by their school or you’ve found one in a magazine, you can not only use it to get one of the World Book Day books but to also get £1 off any other kids book.

LEGO Absolutely Everything You Need To Know

Pages: 240 | RRP: £17.99 | Available Now

Think you know everything there is to know about LEGO? Think again as even the most hardcore LEGO fan doesn’t know it all. But the books is just what your need to sharpen your LEGO knowledge. It’s full of fun and interesting facts about the entire world of LEGO. It really is stacked with LEGO facts!

The LEGO Book New Edition

Pages: 280 | RRP: £18.99 | Available Now

Last year the LEGO brick celebrated its 60th anniversary and to celebrate DK Books released the most up-to-date version of The LEGO Book. Not only does it contain the history of the LEGO Group, Minifigures and LEGO sets. It goes beyond the brick to look at the many LEGO branded products, attractions and video games. Plus it contains a very special 2×4 brick, exclusive to the book.

The LEGO Ideas Book

Pages: 200 | RRP: £16.99 | Available Now

LEGO bricks can be used to build anything you can imagine. But if your creative spark is a little flat, then the LEGO Ideas Book could be just what your need to unlock your inner Master Builder. It’s filled with numerous inspirational build ideas, to inspire you to build with your own collection of LEGO bricks.

Ultimate LEGO Star Wars

Pages: 320 | RRP: £35 | Available Now

In the world of toys there is one partnership with has stood the test of time. Not only did the release of LEGO Star Wars sets save the LEGO Group, it also reimagined and added to the vastly diverse Star Wars universe. This book takes a highly detailed look at the entire world of LEGO Star Wars, from it’s many Minifigures, ships and locations, all lovingly recreated with LEGO bricks.

LEGO Minifigures Year By Year

Pages: 256 | RRP: £25 | Available Now

This is a very special book for me as a number of my very own Minifigures are featured in the book. It takes a visual journey through nearly 40 years of the much-loved LEGO Minifigures. These four brick high folk are just as iconic as the LEGO brick and there’s been quite a few of them released over the years. This book features many of them and tells the story of their creation. The book also includes three LEGO Minifigures.

Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History

Pages: 256 | RRP: £25 | Available Now

Every LEGO fan has their favourite sets, maybe it’s their first set or one that was amazingly fun to build. This great visual history of LEGO sets takes a trip across the decades to show some of the most iconic and memorable LEGO sets. If that wasn;t enough the fun also features an exclusive mini Classic Space cruiser set. 

DK Readers – The LEGO Movie 2

DK Readers are a great way to introduce younger readers to the world of books. They features well known characters and easy to follow stories available in different reader levels. Current DK Readers include two books based on The LEGO Movie 2.

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