Top 10 Western LEGO Sets

One of the most anticipated media releases in recent years arrives today. When Red Dead Redemption was released back in 2010, it transported gamers back to days of the wild west, where cowboys roamed the frontier, eating beans and getting into shootouts with the local sheriff. As Red Dead Redemption II strides into stores today, it’s the perfect opportunity to saddle up and mosey on over a western-themed Top 10. The wild west has featured in a number of LEGO® sets over the years, in the 90s an entire range of sets were included in the LEGO System line. These were partly inspired by the western land of LEGOREDO, found in LEGOLAND Billund. The wild west has also found its way into a number of licensed sets. So before you get lost in the incredible world of Red Dead Redemption II, let’s take a look at some of our favourite Western LEGO sets.

  • Number 10 – 6791: Bandit’s Wheelgun

This small polybag set has a lot going on, a great little wheel gun, which appeared towards the end of the days of the wild west. The mean looking minifigure, uses elements that are still featured on western themed LEGO sets today. Long before the days of the dynamite element, the explosive was represented by a printed 1×2 flat tile.

  • Number 9 – LEGO Minifigures

Over the last 20 plus series of LEGO Minifigures, we have been treated to some fun western-themed characters. From cowboys to bandits, sheriffs to cactus. Cowfolk have had a unique privilege of appearing in the very first series of the popular collectibles and the recent 40th anniversary series.

  • Number 8 – 210: Cowboys

Before the world of LEGO was inhabited by by Minifigures, brick-built folk could be found in some sets. Including this pair of Cowboys, whose brick-built legs and odd arm elements actually work perfectly for the stance of a quick drawing gunslinger. If it wasn’t for their smiley faces, they look as if they could step out of the classic Nintendo lightgun game Wild Gunman.

  • Number 7 – 6765: Gold City Junction

The wild west can be a desolate place, but you can’t be a fearless outlaw without somewhere to rob. Gold City Junction features a bank and a general store, perfect for places for those pesky bandits to get their five figure discounts. Even by today’s standards with updated build techniques and newer elements available this is stillan amazing looking set.

  • Number 6 – 6716: Covered Wagon

As well as lone cowboys roaming the wild west, vast caravan of wagons would also tumble through the dusty wastelands. The LEGO version from the 90s is part of the cavalry fraction. The lawmakers of the west, who tried to bring a little order to the lawless lands of the west. The set uses the classic LEGO horse, hooked up to the small wagon, with a unique material covering featuring the mark of the cavalry.

  • Number 5 – 7594: Woody’s Roundup

Before Woody was corralling Andy’s toys, he was the sheriff on classic western TV show Woody’s Round-up. This Toy Story 2 set reimagines the western set of Woody’s show complete with jail, mine shaft and sheriff station. Joining the uniquely long-legged minifigure of cowboy Woody is Jesse, Stinky Pete and Woody’s trusty steed Bullseye.

  • Number 4 – 79111: Constitution Train Chase

I’ve long wanted a LEGO train, but the first I ever owned was this impressive LEGO Lone Ranger set. The Constitution train is a classic style steam train, based on a high octane chase scene from Disney’s unloved reboot of The Lone Ranger. Despite the film being somewhat of a flop, the LEGO sets were the first real western themed builds to arrive since those System sets in the 90s.

  • Number 3 – 70800: Getaway Glider

After discovering he may not be quite as special as they first thought, Emmet, Wyldstyle and Vitruvius flee The Old West, chased by Sheriff-not-a-robot and his trusty Deputron. Along the way the Master Builder construct an old western themed glider around the Piece of Resistance on Emmet’s back. It’s a fun little set with some great western minifigures.

  • Number 2 – 6769: Fort Legoredo

One of the largest of the western sets released in the 90s, Fort LEGOREDO is the fortified base of the cavalry and it was inspired partly by its real world namesake located in LEGOLAND Billund. The fort looks great with it’s vast amounts of palisade bricks to represent the log-lined walls of the compound.

  • Number 1 – 79108: Stagecoach Escape

Horse-drawn stagecoaches were one of the key modes of transport in the old west, they were also perfect for transporting riches from place to place. Another set from The Lone Ranger theme and quite possibly the best western themed set ever released. Not only does it have an amazing LEGO stagecoach, it also features a selection of amazing minifigures. Including main characters the Lone Ranger and Tonto. The film may not have been greatly received but at least it gave us some pretty amazing and well priced sets.


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