The LEGO Movie 2 Trailer Breakdown

Earlier today Warner Bros. Pictures unleashed the very first trailer for the upcoming sequel to the 2014 smash hit, The LEGO® Movie. In The Second Part, Emmet and co are surviving in a battle ravish Bricksburg. The bustling LEGO metropolis has been destroyed by the alien DUPLO invaders. This new post apocalyptic life has changed the Master Builders, well all apart from one special little guy. Yes The LEGO Movie will be heading back to the big screen early next year and the new trailer is filled with plenty of little nuggets of information. So let’s breakdown some of the key moments in the trailer, including returning characters, their new looks, new faces and an adorable heart bomb. It’s also a great opportunity to speculate what we may see in the some of the sets and minifigures which will release early next year.

The trailer opens with Bricksburg lying in ruin, a post brickalyptic wasteland of broken bricks after the devastating events of Taco Tuesday.

Wyldstyle has been given a new look, with a new hood and goggle element.

Bricksburg was destroyed by the alien invaders from the planet Duplon, it’s a save bet to assume we’ll be seeing at least one The LEGO Movie 2 themed DUPLO set.

No-one was safe not even Jasmine, Dexter, Angie, Loki, Bad Leroy, Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Fluffy Senior or Jeff.

The residents of Bricksburg have had to harden up to survive the dusty wastelands left behind by the DUPLONS. Expect to see some of these Mad Max-type brutes in various The LEGO Movie 2 sets and Collectible Minifigure series.

Taco Tuesday may have had a huge effect on everyone in Bricksburg, all apart from Emmet. Leading characters are often changed in sequel movies in order to sell more toys, but not The Special.

As well as the main characters, a few familiar faces from the first movie reappear. Larry the Coffee Guy is back and he look ever so slightly different, but still serving the most expensive coffee in Bricksburg.

Although Emmet hasn’t changed that much, in one scene he does sport a new hairpiece, which combines headphones with Emmet’s simple hair.

Everything is far from Awesome, but we’ll certainly get to enjoy a new version of the catchy LEGO anthem.

The post apocalyptic setting of The LEGO Movie 2 will result in some very different LEGO sets, which may include a cyborg or two.

The new baby microfigure makes a fun appearance as a savage band of sewer babies.

Judging by the 1×2 plate just right of Emmet, he and Lucy are an item in The LEGO Movie 2, There is also a uncovered variant of Lucy’s wasteland outfit.

Despite Bricksburg being a wasteland, Emmet live in a pristine little LEGO Creator 3-in-1 type house, which will probably become a LEGO set.

Lucy’s viewfinder makes great use of parts, especially the Roman Centurion’s shield.

This flash looking ship will most certainly become a LEGO set and will include a mini-doll.

Unikitty has definitely bulked up since The LEGO Movie, it looks like a bigger element has been used for her head, which is adorned by various other LEGO elements. She’s also in full on AngryKitty mode.

The mysterious new ship, fires a heart-shaped missile at Emmet, Lucy and Battle Unikitty.

It may be a missile but it’s a delightfully cute little missile.

The resulting explosion give us a better look at Unikitty’s larger Battle Form, which would make a great little set in its own right or part of a bigger set.

The entirely brick-build world seems to be intact for the sequel including the use of well-known elements like this Technic beam.

Although a little basic looking the hastly built buggy gives us a great look at the attention to detail poured into each LEGO model featured in the world.

The mysterious craft uses plenty of fairly new pieces like the VW Beetle wheel arches and balloon fins.

Other Master Builders return including Benny, now with robot arm, MetalBeard and we also get a normal sized Unikitty, with red and orange colouring.

As the poster suggested, the visor-wearing spacey figure, isn’t a minifigure but a mini-doll. Similar to those used in the LEGO Friends and Elves sets. It’s unclear if this new character is part of any of those themes.

The new mini-doll character is named Sweet Mayhem, who has a new helmet, wings and shoulder armour elements.

The Dark Knight returns but even he is not a match for the dreaded stickers.

It’s clear the movie will continue to poke fun at real world problems plenty of LEGO fans face.

Sweet Mayhems ship does have hints of LEGO Friends with the colour scheme and parts, similar to those from the Friends line.

As mentioned above the use of parts to create the world of the LEGO Movie is very impressive.

The unsung hero of The LEGO Movie returns – Planty will not accept any messing.

But Emmet must once again unlock his inner Special to save Lucy and the rest of the Master Builders.

This shot offers a different look at some of the returning characters. Unikitty has a new spiked tail piece. Mini-dolls move in the same limited way as their real world counterparts.

Finally we see Emmet’s delightful house, but now transformed into a flying craft. Could we get another 2-in- style set?

Just like The LEGO Movie, The Second Part will journey to other realms. Sweet Mayhem takes the captured Master Builders to her home world. The Sis-Star System could represent Finn’s sister’s room.

This shot shows Unikitty’s new armoured battle helmet print design. Oddly movie Unikitty still uses the old 1×1 stud to connect the head to the neck, instead of the new connection seen in the Unikitty! sets.

The LEGO Movie: The Second Part open on February 8th 2019

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