LEGO Star Wars Trading Card Tins Out Now

The LEGO® Star Wars Trading Card Collection Tins are out now and they each contain a trio of Limited Edition Trading Cards. The first wave of LE cards were already available in the Starter Packs and four multipacks. The rest of these special cards will be split between various Collectors Tins and a couple of magazines. There are three different tins each featuring 3 different Limited Edition cards as well as a five packs of cards. One features Yoda, the other Kylo Ren and another Boba Fett. They are available exclusively from Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores. You’ll find them in those stores from today. Each tin costs £6.99. Find out more about the LEGO Star Wars Trading Card Collection right here.

Update: Sainsbury’s appear to be having issues with the tins. They won’t scan through their tills and some stores have already returned them to their news supplier. Its advised you head to Tesco stores to try and track these down. Immediate Media are aware and we’ll update accordingly.

  • LE10: Captain Rex | Kylo Ren Tin

  • LE11: Darth Vader (Ep 6) | Kylo Ren Tin

  • LE12: Darth Maul (Ep 1) | Kylo Ren Tin

  • LE13: Captain Phasma | Yoda Tin

  • LE14: General Grievous | Yoda Tin

  • LE15: Kylo Ren | Yoda Tin

  • LE16: Death Trooper | Boba Fett Tin

  • LE17: Boba Fett | Boba Fett Tin

  • LE18: Imperator (Ep 6) | Boba Fett Tin

Author: Adam White

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  1. Where can i order the last star wars UK Lego trading cards i need

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    • They will be available via at some point this month just waiting to hear when from the publisher

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      • Hi Adam,
        Has there aver been an update on the tins’ availability? Despite looking out for these for months in numerous stores I have never seen them in either Tesco or Sainsburys. Is there a possibility they could be available direct from the publisher at some point?

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        • Unfortunately not, they aren’t available via so only Tesco & Sainsbury’s. They are on sale until March 3rd.

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  2. Hi Adam, So sorry to keep going on about this….I’ve emailed Sainsburys and Tesco customer services to ask about availability; Sainsburys came back to say they’d never heard of them, Tesco also drew a blank but at least they asked if I could find a barcode number and they would investigate further. Do you have a number you could let me have? Sorry to be getting so desperate!
    Many thanks!

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    • No need to apologise, the release of these has been handled poorly. There are three barcodes


      They were each overstickered with another barcode which I’ll try and track down for you. Also tell C/S these are a news item supplied by Smith’s News/Menzies and published by Immediate Media, maybe via Co-mag.

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      • Other barcode is 502646949500801

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  3. Hi Adam,
    Thank you again for all your help with this. I did send those details to Tesco CS but they came back to say they couldn’t trace anything with those bar codes, so not currently in stock. I will try the latest one to see if any luck with that.
    Thanks again

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