LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Students Minifigures Review

With the Wizarding World of Harry Potter continues to prove extremely popular in LEGO® form, one of the latest sets in the range is a new Minifigure pack. These sort of packs have been available for a few years now and continue various characters, accessories and often a minibuild of some sorts. The Hogwarts Student accessory pack includes four characters, each representing a different house of Hogwarts and a bookcase minibuild. So as North America patiently waits for the new sets to arrive and ahead of the second series of Harry Potter LEGO Minifigures, here’s my review of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Student Accessory Pack.

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack

Product Description

Make any child’s Harry Potter™ role-play fun even more magical with the LEGO® Harry Potter Hogwarts™ Students Accessory Set (40419). From Gryffindor™, Harry Potter carries his wand and Marauder’s map. From Slytherin™, Draco Malfoy™ clutches a wand and an apple. From Hufflepuff™, Hannah Abbott holds her wand and a lantern. From Ravenclaw™, Cho Chang has a wand and a book – and there’s even a bookshelf for the book to sit on when she’s finished reading.

  • Set Name: Hogwarts Students Acc. Set
  • Set Number: 40419
  • Pieces: 53
  • RRP: £13.49/$14.99/14.99€
  • Minifigures: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hannah Abbott & Cho Chang
  • Availability: LEGO Brand Store,

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack

The focus of the pack is the Minifigures, there are four included. Unusually they are all known characters. With each one a student of the four houses of Hogwarts. So for Gryffindor, there is Harry, from Slytherin, the menacing Draco. Then Hufflepuff is represented by Hannah Abbot and from Ravenclaw, Cho Chang.  These each include standard legs, placing them in their later years at Hogwarts and they all have alternate faces.

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack

Each of the students are shown in their Hogwarts uniforms, which aren’t massively different in appearance. The only difference between each torso is the house colours shown on the tie and jumper trim. If it wasn’t for the different skin tone on Cho’s torso, it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between the Slytherin and Ravenclaw uniforms. Each character features a wand and an additional accessory, these include an apple, lantern, book and an exclusive Marauder’s map printed tile.

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack

To bring a little building to the set, there is a small piece of scenery to construct. This is a simple bookcase, which ties into the Hogwarts school theme of the set. It’s a very simple build but fits the style of similar things from other LEGO Harry Potter sets, meaning it could easily be added to other sets or Potter-themed MOCs.

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack


One of the biggest draws of the LEGO Harry Potter sets seem to be the Minifigures. I would certainly like to see more of these sort of packs released on a regular basis, especially if they complement other themes. These sort of Minifigure packs used to be good value for money, especially as Collectible Minifigures now £3.50 a pop. However, the higher price for these latest Minifigure Accessory Packs shrinks the margins a little. The set includes an exclusive Minifigure and printed accessory, making it a must for those you like to collect the various Wizarding World characters. It’s also a great way to source Hogwarts house uniforms, as you get one of each. The accessories are a little lacklustre but they are secondary to the actual Minifigures

40419: Hogwarts Students Accessory Pack

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