71020: The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigures Review

When The LEGO® Batman Movie was released back in February, it resulted in a raft of merchandise including of course LEGO sets and a Minifigures Collection. Even though it almost a year since the movie’s release and we had another LEGO movie during that time, the release of new sets based on the movie show no signs of stopping, as a third wave of sets are due in the new year but even more surprising is a second series of Collectable Minifigures. The first set of LEGO Batman Movie minifigures gave us a mixed collections of alternate Batsuits and character variants, with Series 2 things are even more left field as the new gang of 20 minifigures includes some extremely obscure and fan favourite characters. But how do the shape up on a whole? Let’s take a closer look at The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 Minifigures.

Friends Are Family Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is ready to burn up the dance floor in her sparkly disco outfit. Well, not literally burn the dance floor. At least we hope not literally. You never know with her.

When The Joker Manor D2C set was announced earlier this year, it included the Friends Are Family versions of Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the Joker, meaning both Harley and Alfred were MIA, that’s because they were being saved for inclusion in this series of minifigures. Harley features her trademark hair and two different facial expressions, the best of which has Harley’s sticking out her tongue. Her outfit is all white with gold and black trim, as seen in the musical number of the end of the movie, which means it’s a little plain in detail. The odd coloured skates are a nice little detail especially has they match the colour scheme of the outfit.

Friends Are Family Alfred

We knew Alfred was a master at vacuuming rugs, but who new he could also cut a rug! That’s old-fashioned talk for dancing well.

Straight-laced Alfred knows how to let what little hair he has down and just like Harley, get down to the musical beats are the movie’s finale. As well as the same style and coloured Friends Are Family outfit as Harley, Alfred’s tux is treated to a little more sparkle with the addition of a glittery material piece connected to the waist, with acts has coattails. His golden shades does make him look at little like a 70’s drug baron but thankfully that’s offset by the inclusion of a red electric guitar.

Clock King

Clock-themed villain Clock King, aka William Tockman, is infamous for his showing-up-to-fights-on-time skills.

The Clock King is one of the DC Comics odd looking foes, who appears here in his Injustice League costumes which just happens to fit the tone of The LEGO Batman Movie perfectly. The Clock King’s unique clock face head reuses the Gingerman’s head. You’ll remember this has two inset circles for the eyes, which don’t fit with the Clock King’s ‘face’ so rather cleverly these have been used to show the inner clogs of the clock face on the back of the head. It’s one of the series most unique looking characters.

Professor Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is one of Batman’s oldest and, well, strangest opponents. His only super power is his incredible, yet warped intelligence.

Hugo Strange is a pretty sinister character in the DC universe and only appeared in the movie for milliseconds, but that was long enough to get a minifigure and it’s a nice little minifigure, which captures the look at the Professor’s mad scientist look perfectly. Strange’s beard used the recently introduced neck element and the new dual mould legs are also used to great affect. Hugo also has two beakers of chemicals, these aren’t new but I just love how they look like they contain liquid.

Mermaid Batman

Move over Aquaman. There’s a new guardian of the ocean – Mermaid Batman.

Mer-bat or Mermaid Batman as he is known here was more prevalent in DK Books’ Making of the Movie that the movie itself. As the name suggests this minifigure has Batman in mermaid form, why is a question for another time but this acts as the series ‘poster boy’ as the character is featured in the series display material. It’s certainly a unique take on the Dark Knight, with the older ‘standing’ mermaid tail element being recoloured in black and Batman ditching his shirt in favour of a couple of sea shells, no batnips here. From Batman’s expression, he’s having a whale of a time. (bat pun)

Swimming Pool Batman

There’s nothing better than relaxing with your pet dolphin in your mansion’s giant pool after a long day of crime fighting.

Wayne Manor can be a lonely place, but when you are a playboy billionaire, you don’t just have a swimming pool to pass the time, you also have your own dolphin. Swimming Pool Batman reuses the swimming goggles batcowl from series one and once again Batman ditches his clothes this time in favour of some Bat-branded trunks. Despite the lack of clothes, the torso features some fun detail on both the front and rear, highlighting Batman’s ripped bod. He also includes safety float and is joined by a new style dolphin, more commonly found in the LEGO Friends line.

Tropical Joker

The Joker is always prepared for mischief. Even his vacas include toxic popsicles and laughing gas floaties.

Series 2 only includes one appearance from the clown prince of crime and here The Joker is ready for his holiday. With gaudy beach shirt that is actually a nod to the one off graphic novel, The Killing Joke and purple shorts, nicely created with dual moulded legs. The best bit of the minifigure is the accessories, especially the ducky inflatable ring. Again another throw back from the first series of LEGO Batman Movie minifigures, in place of Batman’s yellow batduck version, The Joker has a lime green clown variant, complete with a little green tuff of hair.

Vacation Robin

Robin is ready for his first Bat-cation with his new Bat-family.

Just like The Joker, Robin is also in holiday mode. His beach shirt is definitely more fashionable than The Joker’s, with little yellow robins splashed on red shirt. Once again shorts are nicely created with dual mould legs, meaning the colours are nice a vivid. To add to the party mood, Robin has a tasty ice cream and a boom box element.

Vacation Batgirl

Being Police Commissioner / Batgirl is a lot of work. That’s why Barbara Gordon always makes time for some well-planned fun.

When she isn’t keeping the city of Gotham safe as Police Commissioner or doing things a little more off the record as Batgirl, Barbara like to join Robin and the gang down on the beach. Her taste foe adventure takes her out into the ocean for a spot of surfing, complete with bat-branded surfboard. She’s obviously using the same company as Bruce for all her bat-related products. Batgirl’s purple batsuit is used as the inspiration for her wetsuit.

Vacation Alfred

Alfred has earned a little fun in the sun. His must haves? A fancy glass of juice, a bathing suit that covers his entire body, and the crispest, cleanest collar possible.

The last member of the beach party is Alfred, who is sporting an old timey bathing suit complete with his starched butler collar. He may not be as colourful as the other vacation characters, but that’s in-keeping with the Alfred’s stiff upper lip character. Who has even found time for a cheeky beach cocktail.

Soccer Mom Batgirl

The Bat-merch gun has transformed Batgirl. She may be less ready to fight crime, but she is definitely a lot more stylish.

During the moment in the movie, where Batgirl is in need of a super hero suit, Batman breaks out the merch gun and this Soccer Mom outfit is one of the results. It’s a really detailed minifigure with a new hood element, complete with batcowl-style ears and lots of print details on the torso and legs. Which could come in use for MOC builders and those who like to create their own sigfigs.

Killer Moth

Small-time crook Drury Walker, aka Killer Moth, was eager to be taken seriously as a super villain so he made himself into the opposite of a brave bat: a scary moth.

Killer Moth is another member of the Rogues Gallery, who has appeared in many forms. Here he is his more psychedelic 60’s outfit, which like the Clock King, is more fitting for the fun nature of the LEGO universe. Print detail is amazing and the character makes great use of a couple of past minifigure elements, namely the fairy wings and Bumble Bee Girl headpiece, both recoloured to match the crazy colour scheme of character.

Wonder Twin Jayna

Jayna and her brother Zan are the amazing Wonder Twins from planet Exxor. When the two are together and say “Wonder Twin powers activate” she can transform into any animal she chooses. She’s also a big fan of Earth pop culture, especially her favorite ’70s tunes.

The Wonder Twins have their roots not in the DC Comic books but the animated TV show from Hanna-Barbera, All-new Super Friends. In the LEGO universe they appear in the Justice League anniversary party in the Fortress of Solitude. Jayna has the power to transform into any animal she wishes, although there is not evidence of it here. Instead Jayna comes with a 2×2 tile to portray a record sleeve and a 2×3 round tile to represent a vinyl record, nice little nods to her 70’s era of introduction. Although I’ve like to have a seen an creature element included instead.

Wonder Twin Zan

Zan and his Wonder Twin sister Jayna are the youngest members of the Justice League. When they get together and shout “Wonder Twin powers activate” Zan can turn himself into any form he wants. Well, if that form is made from water, ice, or steam.

Joining Jayna is her twin brother Zan, who has the power to transform into any water-based form. Unlike Jayna this is portrayed in the accessories, with a bucket included along with a 1×1 round tile. Although not overly noticeable, this little blue element has a face, which is cool little addition to the character. Both of the Wonder Twins are fairly similar with the same hair elements and material collars used on both. Print detail on both is great and has that 70’s feel to it.

Apache Chief

A member of the Justice League, Apache Chief has the power to grow several times his normal size. A handy ability for fighting super villains and taking awesome photos with his super friends.

The Apache Chief is another member of the Super Friends and just like the Wonder Twins, he is more known for his appearance in the DC animated TV shows from Hanna-Barbera than the comics, he also only appears briefly in The LEGO Batman Movie during the Justice League party. The hairpiece which has been used on the Hippie from 7th series of the LEGO Minifigures and Gong from the NINJAGO Movie minifigures. You can instantly tell the character is an native American chief. He comes with a 1×3 tile which seems to be a strip of photos and a fun nod to the Arrested Development TV. Again it would of been fun to maybe include a microfig to represent the characters size changing ability.


Don’t underestimate this hologram of Superman’s dad Jor-El. His knowledge can still help Batman and his sometimes enemy, sometimes BFF Superman

Jor-El is the Kryptonian father of Superman and didn’t have hardly any screen time in The LEGO Batman Movie, but it’s a great minifigure, almost based on Marlon Brando’s hammy performance in the original Superman movie. It’s the only character in this series to use the sloped dress element in place of legs. Although it’s a fairly muted character in terms of colour, the print detail includes Superman’s family crest. This is seen directly on the torso and on a 1×1 round tile which is fixed to the Kryptonian armour. He even comes complete with a knowledge crystal Kal-El uses in the Fortress of Solitude to learn about his history.

General Zod

General Zod is a tyrannical military leader from Krypton and Superman’s greatest adversary. Just don’t tell Batman or he’ll get super jealous.

Another amazing minifigure, is General Zod who has a cult following thanks to his appearances in the original Superman movies, the costume and look is based on that of Terence Stamp from those movies. The costume may not be very colourful but like Jol-El it’s the actual character likeness that makes it so cool. Plus the added bonus of dual faces and a newspaper referencing the iconic line ‘kneel before Zod’

Doctor Phosphorus

A reactor core accident left scientist Dr. Alex Sartorius with a super-hot, see-through body and a passion for vengeance against his enemies. He now answers to Doctor Phosphorous.

Doctor Phosphorous was created after an core reactor accident and is another obscure DC character who had very little screen time in The LEGO Batman Movie. The minfigure is really cool, with the vivid lime green of the his body, helping the skeletal print detail to really stand out. The vivid appearance of Phosphorous is heightened by the addition of two fluorescent flames.

Black Canary

Black Canary uses her amazing Canary Cry to fight crime alongside her pals in the Justice League. Her amazing singing voice can even create vibrations strong enough to make her fly. She’s the perfect super bird!

Black Canary is more associated with the Flash universe than Batman’s and has one of the best minifigure faces in the entire series. To represent Black Canary’s ultrasonic scream and singing career, one facial express show her screaming at the top of her voice. Her costume is influenced from her less risqué earlier comic book costumes. She also includes a microphone stand with goes great with screaming expression.

Black Vulcan

Black Vulcan is the Justice League member that can control all forms of electricity. He’s the perfect friend to have when super parties knock out the power at the Fortress of Solitude.

Black Vulcan is another character from the animated All-star Super Friends TV show and is a indirect variant of another afro-american super hero with electrical powers, who couldn’t be used due to a dispute with the original characters creator and DC Comics. Black Vulcan uses the Flash’s helmet, which is a little different to the original characters look but does a decent job without having to create a new element. A black element is used with yellow detail printed onto it, this does result in a little quality issue, with the yellow being a little messy around the ear spikes.


The LEGO Batman Movie was filled with characters from DC Comics long history, but many only had fleeting appearances on screen, many of them have already appeared in other LEGO Batman Movie sets including those upcoming ones, promotional sets and a Toys R Us minifigure pack. Some have questioned why we needed a second series of minifigures based on the movie and I partly agree. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some fun little characters in the series, many of which wouldn’t appear in minifigure form anywhere else. A special mention must go to the baseplate, these special 3×4 plates have been a part of the minifigures line since the beginning. Apart from the Team GB series back in 2012, which had white plates with printing, every series regardless if it’s a classic series or limited edition has had the same plate and I’ve said before that ‘limited edition’ series should have a baseplate to differentiate them from classic series. It appears LEGO have had the same idea as the baseplate for the second series of LEGO Batman Movie now includes a little Bat Symbol. A small addition but hopefully this will continue for future sets.

The LEGO Batman Movie Series 2 minifigures are officially released on January 1st but UK retailers should start selling them from Boxing Day and if you’re really lucky you’ll find them in selected retailers including Hamley’s, WHSmith and The Entertainer right now.

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