30407: Harry’s Journey To Hogwarts Set Review

Yesterday afternoon we hopped on our Nimbus 3000 and headed off to London for the LEGO® Harry Potter Product Showcase. As well as seeing the first wave of sets coming this Summer, we were also greeted with a suitcase filled with LEGO Harry Potter Polybags. Better still this set hadn’t been seen before now. After having our arm twisted to help ourselves to one of the sets, we grabbed one, which we have built on the journey home and decided to give it a little review.

Product Details

  • Set Name: Harry’s Journey To Hogwarts
  • Set Number: 30407
  • Pieces: 38
  • RRP: N/A
  • Availability: N/A

The Build

The set is a redesign of a past LEGO Harry Potter polybag, namely the unimaginably named set 30110: Trolley. However this new version is way more detailed. It’s made up of three separate components – a minifigure, trolley and a birdcage. The Harry Potter minifigure has been redesigned with new print detail and a new hairpiece. The character also uses the shorter legs, often used for younger characters. The reason the new articulated ‘teenage’ haven’t been used is because LEGO wish to show the characters at different stages of their life, so the first wave of LEGO Wizarding World sets are themed around ‘Return to Hogwarts’ something which will tie into Warner Bros. Pictures marketing around the Harry Potter franchise this year. Harry includes two different facial expressions and the new wand element. Only gripe is the fact Harry wasn’t yet wearing his Hogwarts uniform at this point in the story.

The set also includes a little trolley which Harry uses to take all his belonging to Hogwarts. This is what he famously pushes through the wall of Platform 9 3/4. It may look a little basic but it’s actually more detailed than the past version. Although moving wheels, for a couple of pin holding plates. These work quite well, decide their lack of movement. The trolley can hold a couple of accessories, which come with the set, the space in the middle.

These accessories include an old-style black suitcase, cauldron and a great little book. This is a nice element, which featured in the most recent LEGO Elves. Inside the book is a printed 1×2 tile, which shows wand practice technique. Plus the new Harry Potter sets introduce a brand new wand element. These come in two as there as they are included on their moulding mount.

Finally there is Harry pet owl, Hedwig. This is the same one included in the first range LEGO Harry Potter sets, although print detail seems a little sharper. Hedwig comes with a great little brick build cage. This uses the newish 1×1 studs with hole to great effect. I have to say this is my favourite part of the set.


Harry’s journey to Hogwarts, is an iconic moment in the books and movies. This could quite easily have been inlcuded in the Hogwarts Express set, but I like that it’s another polybag. It’s designer Justin Ramsden, of The Secret World of LEGO fame, has done a great job of updating the set from 2011, using new parts to great effect. The new Harry Potter minifigure, is definitely a better take on the character, compared to those from past sets, although the incorrect outfit seems a little odd. The trolley may seem a little basic and it is, but what can you really do to create a small trolley. The birdcage however is amazing, not only does it look great, it’s really fun to build. Thanks to the LEGO Group for inviting use to the LEGO Harry Potter Product Showcase.

The set also offers a nice look at the connected Hogwarts Great Hall and Hogwarts Whomping Willow sets. These can be put together to create a bigger playset.

Author: Adam White

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  1. I do believe that the spell tile has been put in upside-down – it’s “wingardium levio-sa” as Hermione would say…!

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