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Despite masses of new LEGO® sets only just hitting stores, rumours about future releases have already started to do the rounds. Before you read on, remember these are considered rumours until officially reveal by the LEGO Group. So what can we expect over the next few months? Well, a list of sets can be found on LEGO.com, which I stumbled upon when searching LEGO VIDIYO. Although many of the set numbers seem misaligned, many of the sets featured on the set were recently released and others offer an interesting insight into possible future sets.

  • BrickHeadz Pets – There are two possible new BrickHeadz sets from the new Pets subtheme, which are listed as Goldfish and Budgie.
  • Brick Sketches – There could be two new Disney-themed Brick Sketches, this could be characters from either Disney, Star Wars or Marvel.
  • Gift With Purchase Sets – Two sets are listed which sound an awful lot like possible promotional sets, namely Easter Bunny’s Carrot House and Amelia Earhart Tribute. One obviously connected to Easter and the other possibly similar to the Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen GWPs.
  • LEGO House – Two sets possibly connected to the Danish attraction include LEGO House Chef 2021 and The Brick Moulding Machine.

Beyond the list of sets, other rumours suggest we will be treated to an 11,000-piece LEGO Star Wars set, which will possibly be a new Death Star and gain the crown of largest LEGO set yet. Continuing the trend of Collections within the new 18+ range, the newly dubbed Vehicle Collection will possibly see a Porsche 911 join the previously released Creator Expert vehicles, including the London Bus, VW Camper and Ford Mustang. Just a reminder these are considered rumours until officially reveal by the LEGO Group.

Author: Adam White

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  1. As far as rumors go, I can confirm the DS2 set coming in the late summer of 2021. There is also a high possibility that one of the unnamed star wars sets will be a battle on exhogol set with five minifigures and retailing for 79.99. I don’t know why they would have to wait so long, but before I go spoiling everything, I’ll stop myself. Lego is surprising for sure.

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  2. What are you hearing about Technics?

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    • Nothing beyond what has just been released and the other sets shown in the catalogue

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  3. What about Bionicle 20th Anniversary?

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    • I highly doubt there will be any products released as the line has long been retired.

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  4. The tribute should be to Jerrie Mock not Amelia Earhart.

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  5. When are we gonna get some new planes

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  6. I just want some more 8 stud wide champions cars I need to know if they’re making anymore of those

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    • From the rumours I’ve heard Speed Champions will be back later in the year, COVID has delayed a few theme, including Architecture.

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