Unikitty LEGO LEDLite Torch Review

Following the huge success of the original LEGO® Movie, it was only expected that the sequel would be supported by a wide ranging array of additional products, beyond LEGO sets. Another surprise outcome of the success of The LEGO Movie was the love shown towards the sparkles filled ex-ruler of Cloud Cuckoo Land, Unikitty. Part cat, part unicorn, Unikitty has gained a cult following, which has lead to her own TV show and range of LEGO sets. She’s also back for The LEGO Movie 2 and features heavily in some of the branded products connected to the new film, such has the LEDLite range.

Product Description

Introducing the all new LEGO movie 2 unikitty torch; this torch comes complete with a light up alicorn, a 30 minute time feature to save battery power and is suitable for children 6+. Simply press the mouth and watch my alicorn illuminate.

  • Product Name: The LEGO Movie 2 Unikitty LEGO LEDLite Torch
  • Product Number: IQLGL-TO30
  • RRP: £19.99
  • Measurements: 7.6 x 12.6 x 18.9 cm
  • Availability: Amazon

You’ll have most likely seen some of the smaller LEGO LEDLite Keylights, which are often based on various Minifigure characters. This torch kind of works in the same way, with a touch sensitive section on Unikitty’s face. Tapping this activates the light in Unikitty’s alicorn, which is quite bright. It stays lit for around 30 minutes before switching off, or touching the same area switches it off as well. The head can turn a full 360° and although the rest of the elements are firmly held in place, they all look exactly like the actual elements they are based on.

Despite Unikitty appearing in her angrier Ultrakatty form for much of the new movie, the torch is based on her original appearance. It’s actually an upscaled version of the Unikitty which appeared in the LEGO Dimensions line. As you can see below, the torch is an exact replica of the LEGO version. Which is what makes its so cool, and apart from the battery cover on the side of her head, there are no buttons or switches. These were very difficult to find first time around but thanks to the new movie and Unikiity’s fanbase I’d expect these versions to be a little more available. Admittedly it’s not a particularly practical shape for a torch but who cares, it’s a light-up Unikitty!


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